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How an Online Texting Provider Can Improve Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

When it comes to ways of marketing your company, approaches have evolved beyond the old days of newspaper advertisements, e-mails, and television commercials. Nowadays, some of the best businesses have made ample use of online texting providers to better reach their customer base. Provided below are just a few of the reasons why this form of marketing can bolster your sales and amplify your market presence.

Cost Effectiveness

When you compare an online texting service to other forms of marketing, their SMS messages are among the cheapest possible forms of customer outreach. Sending a text is also proven to have the highest return on investment among all known forms of marketing, meaning that your profits and budget can breathe a sigh of relief from the investment. To give some sense of the distinction, consider the following approaches:

  • Cost: SMS messages can cost 1.5 cents per message, while e-mails usually cost .15 cents per send, and push notifications cost $0.01/click.
  • Return on Investment: Push notifications have only a 3,500% ROI. E-mails fare only slightly better at 4,000%. Both pale in comparison to SMS texts, which have a whopping 11,300% ROI.
  • Open Rate: Promotional SMS messages immediately show up and hit a potential customer’s eyes; promotional e-mails only get opened about 23% of the time, and push notifications are opened even less often (only 18%).

It Is a Direct Form of Communication

A recent study about phone use among Americans indicated that the average phone user spends 4 hours a day looking at their device. When you combine this data with the fact that an average person stays up and awake for 15 hours, this means that nearly one-quarter of human time is spent looking at the small screen. The existence of SMS marketing means that you easily hit your audience with promotions that they will notice soon, if not immediately.

It is a Perfect Way to Update Customers in Real Time

SMS campaigns reach your customers within seconds of their deployment, which means that your customers will wind up reading them in less than a minute from when you send them out. Studies have shown that 90% of all SMS are read within 180 seconds of the moment a person receives them. In other words, SMS campaigns are ideal for offers that you only intend to honor for a few hours.

Even when a phone is not close by when the text reaches it, chances are very good that the message will be read shortly afterwards. Most text notifications linger until the message is read, giving your business an elevated platform for communications.

Exceptional Open Rate

SMS marketing is arguably the most beloved of marketing approaches. 98% of all business SMS messages get read by their customers, and nearly half of those customers will respond to them. A canny businessperson will recognize the value of this method of reaching their customers and personalize such messages to amplify the already-high rate of engagement that SMS receives.

SMS is Proven to Sell

Research indicates that roughly 33% of SMS recipients will engage with any call to action; of that 33%, 47% will wind up purchasing something. SMS marketing is a boon for the holidays. Black Friday 2022 saw a 68% surge in promotional SMS over the previous year, resulting in a 57% rise in orders. While Black Friday is obviously a big time for pushing merchandise and services, some other notable holidays for SMS campaigns would be Thanksgiving (23% conversion rate and 41% rise in sales) or even just the month of November as a whole (21% conversion rate and 29% rise in overall sales).

The Final Message

Investing in an online texting provider is a nearly foolproof method to get your customers clicking on your sales promotions and even putting them to use, which means money flowing into your business’ coffers. Not only is this approach to marketing your company cost-effective, but it is also a direct one that can be applied toward time-sensitive campaigns, has an exceptional frequency of being opened, and has proven itself to motivate recipients to buy your promoted products and services.