Janta Curfew 22nd March 2020- All you need to Know about

Janta Curfew is an order specifying the time during which certain regulations are applied. Typically, this refers to the time when individuals are required to return to and stay in their homes.The prime minister requested people to live all in their homes on Sunday, March 22 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. But it is now extended to 21 days all over country ,there will be complete lockdown excluding only essential services.PM Modi requested people to remain in their home for next 21 days. Janta Curfew would be like a exercise to brace the Indian people for an epidemic emergency. However, for any emergency case there will be no restrictions on people to go out for urgent work .

On 22nd March ,Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls for citizens ‘ determination and restraint by not going out of their homes.

22nd March Sunday, at 5 p.m, PM Modi requested all Indians to come to your balcony for five minutes to congratulate all the physicians, medical personnel, and health officials working to keep the nation safe. At 5 p.m. Govt authorities will be playing Siron as a notification to begin congratulating all.

It’s a bold move to declare a Janta Curfew as it sends a national message that the situation is serious and can be out of control if proper precautions are not followed. Also ,Sets a framework for future dire emergencies as well.

If we believe we’re good and nothing happens to us, it’s false. In that case We’re doing wrong to our-self and society. Move out of your home in the coming weeks only if necessary. This was the main Motive Behind Implementing Janta Curfew to alert people ahead of upcoming health crisis.

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