Solar Panels vs. Solar Shingles: The Differences, Explained

You have likely heard of solar panels, but have you heard of solar shingles?

To go solar, you no longer only have the option of large panels. As the technology evolves, new items get added to the market, and solar shingles are part of this evolution. 

Keep reading, and we’ll fill you in on solar panels vs. solar shingles. What makes them different and why one might pick solar shingles over panels. 

How Do Solar Shingles Work

Solar panels and solar shingles essentially work in the same way. The main difference is, a solar shingle is about the size of a regular asphalt roof shingle.

The solar shingles can be integrated with other regular roofing materials and can look a little more aesthetically pleasing than your traditional solar panels. 

Difference Between Solar Panels and Solar Shingles

So, how does someone decide to install solar panels or solar shingles? There are a few differences that are good to know before making the solar energy leap. 

Solar installation for shingles can be a little bit more complex than the traditional panels. Solar shingles are still a new technology and are not compatible with every type of roof. 

Right now, solar shingles are also more expensive than traditional solar panels. The gap in expense between the two is closing though, and they should be closer in cost as the years go on. 

Most people who opt for solar shingles do so for the aesthetic and the value they add to a home, and no matter what piece of solar technology you go with, you’ll be helping the environment. 

The Efficiency of Solar Panels vs. Solar Shingles

When it comes to efficiency in the solar panels vs. solar shingles debate, solar panels still tend to win out.

Due to their size and how the solar shingles are placed, they may not get the same sunlight exposure as solar panels. Solar panels can be turned and adjusted for optimal sun exposure, while shingles cannot be changed in this way. 

If your roof is large enough and you install a ton of these solar shingles, this may not be an issue. The only time this kind of efficiency is an issue is if you have a smaller roof and use a ton of electricity at home. 

It’s always a good idea to reach out to experts like this company to get more information about what type of solar tech will work for you and your home. 

Now You Know All About Solar Panels vs. Solar Shingles

The debate of solar panels vs. solar shingles is gaining more traction these days! No matter what type of solar energy producer you choose for your home, the likelihood of increased property value and environmental benefit is through the roof! 

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