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Theme of International Day of Peace 2020

Peace Day or International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on 21st September around the world and also known as World Peace Day. Peace Day is celebrated to encourage people among the countries also a day of ceasefire. International Day of Peace was declared by the UN General Assembly as this day is dedicated to ideals of peace both within and among all the nations and people.

International Day of Peace 2020 theme

This year the theme of International Day of Peace 2020 is- Shaping Peace Together

It was clearer than ever that  this year that we are not enemies of each other. Instead, our common enemy is an unfailing virus that threatens our own health, protection, and way of life. COVID-19 has shaken our world and forcefully reminded us of what is happening on one part of the planet that will affect people all over the world.

This year in the face of a pandemic the theme of International Day of Peace 2020 is Shaping Peace Together” will be celebrated with kindness, empathy, and hope. Together with the UN, condemn efforts to facilitate bigotry or hate by using the virus.

Every year United Nations decided the theme for International Day of Peace to promote peace among the people of all nations. Last year the theme of 2019 peace day was ” Climate Action for Peace”.


In 1981, International Day of Peace was established by the United Nations and after two decades later in 2001, the General Assembly voted the day as a period of Non-Violence and Cease-fire. After that in 2002, the U.N. declared it is a permanent holiday.

What youth can do for Peace Day

This year International Day of peace for Student Observance will inspire our youth to step out for a challenge of climate change, half of the youth around the world are taking action on climate change in their homes, schools, and communities. The Student Observance will take place on 20th September 2020 at United Nations Headquarters, which will help in providing a platform for young people who made projects undertaken to fight for climate change while promoting peace.

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