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Theme of World Meteorological Day 2020

World Meteorological day is the United Nations annual event, celebrated every year on March 23 to remember the establishment of the World Meteorological Organization on 23rd March 1920.

This year in 2020 World Meteorological Organization will celebrate its 70th anniversary. Every year this organization announces a slogan for the World Meteorological Day which is celebrated by all the countries. World Meteorological Day also highlights the contributions of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services made for the safety and well-being of the society.

What is the theme of World Meteorological Day 2020?

From 1961, the World Meteorological Organization is celebrating World Meteorological day with the different themes and slogans. Every year the Executive council of World Meteorological organization allocates a new theme to celebrate World Meteorological Day. The theme which is chosen for World Meteorological Day reflects the issue of tropical weather, climate, and water. This year world Meteorological day 2020 will be celebrated with the theme “Climate and Water”.

This year’s theme will focus on the effects of climate change on Water. We all know that clean and freshwater is vital for life. According to an average, it is known that a human being cannot survive without water not more than three days. Water is essential for our life, for the production of food, the environment and for the goods and services.

Today, the world is facing may issues and challenges which is posed by water stress, floods, droughts and the lack of clean water. Now it is an urgent need to improve or forecasting, monitoring and management of water supplies and also tackle the issues of water that is – “too much, too little, or too polluted”

The effects of climate change are more extreme and high temperature, weather conditions are not predictable which can cause less availability of water, distribution of rainfall, river flow, groundwater, and snowmelt.

Note:- the proposed theme for the upcoming 2021 World Meteorological Day is “The ocean, our climate, and weather”

Who is the World Meteorological Organization?

WMO is a United Nations (UN) specialized agency with 193 Member States and Territories. It is the voice of the UN system’s authority on the state and behavior of Earth’s atmosphere and also the interaction of land and oceans, the weather and climate which produces the resulting distribution of water resources. The World Meteorological Organization is originated from the International Meteorological Organization (IMO), founded in 1873 with an aim to facilitate the exchange of weather condition information across the national borders.


WMD is celebrated with various events like conferences, symposia, community leaders, and exhibitions for Meteorological professionals. On WMD day many prizes are announced for the Meteorological research.

These prizes include

  • The International Meteorological Organization Prize.
  • Professor Dr. Vilho Väisälä Award.
  • The Norbert Gerbier-Mumm International Award.

Previous Themes of World Meteorological Day

  • The Sun, the Earth and the Weather- 2019 theme of WMD
  • Weather-ready, the climate-smart- 2018 theme of WMD
  • Understanding clouds- 2017 theme of WMD
  • Hotter, drier, wetter – Face the future- 2016 theme of WMD

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