Kochi or Cochin is a coastal city in Kerala and one of the most historical and beautiful places in South India. Harboring splendid beaches and forts, Kochi has it all to imbue a sense of serenity in the soul. So rent a self drive car in Kochi to have a quick tour of 10 best places.

1.    Veegaland

Veegaland commonly known as Wonder la amusement park is the first theme park of the country and undoubtedly one of the most fun-filled places to visit in Kochi. The best part about veegaland is that it is located on a hilltop. Hence adding thrill to the rides, it offers an adventure in all the activities it presents. The rides of Veegaland are one hell of an experience. From water rides to swings, everything will leave you thrilled and out of breath. A perfect place for a fun filled day with family, friends or alone. Veeegaland should never be missed when you’re in Kochi.

2.    Cherai beach

Who doesn’t love some beach time? Moreover, when the beach is surrounded by lush green coconut trees, golden sand and sometimes dolphins too.  Well, you definitely can’t miss it right? Cherai beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kochi. The backwaters are splendid and leave you in awe. The winds touch your soul and when mixed the waves that are magic in its purest form. For a magic-filled beach experience, Cherai beach is a must visit.

3.    Mattancherry Palace

Commonly called as the Dutch palace. This exquisite palace resembles a typical Kerala household with patio and courtyard. The most attractive part of this palace is the temple of Bhagwati placed in the courtyard. The walls of the palace are covered with beautiful paintings and gardens are nothing short of a wonder. One look at them and you never want to leave the palace.

4.    Hill Palace

Hill Palace is one of the most historical places in Kochi. Housing 49 buildings the palace museum has many belongings of the Maharaja of Kochi. The palace is a testament of all the civilizations Kochi has lived in. From relics of Harappan culture to the Stone Age this palace is every history nerds dream place and a gentle reminder of Kochi’s rich heritage.

5.    Shiva temple

Ernakulathappan Temple as it is called in the region is one of the seven temples that protect the city of Kochi and is one of the royal temples that are owned by the Maharaja of Cochin. The walls and sculptures in the temple are a true representation of the Malabar tradition and its exquisite heritage. This temple is very famous in the entire south Indian region, and the tall effigies of Shiva are a testament to it.

6.    Kashi art café

Who doesn’t like calm in the midst of chaos? Well most of us do. Welcome to Kashi art café. An art junction cum café this place is as zen as you can imagine. With the smell of coffee beans hovering all over the area and local art embellishing the walls and spaces this café is the ultimate retreat for coffee and art lovers. The food here is, and the coffee is quite strong. All the peace, zen calmness and artistry makes it too attractive to visit and also fascinating to miss.

7.    Princess street

The oldest street in Kochi, princess street is one of the most beautiful streets in Kochi. Lined with cafes, book shops, clothes shops, handicrafts, and souvenir shops. This street is reminiscent of the old Kochi and the cornerstone of the new. The ancient architecture of the houses in the street reminds us of the Portuguese and Dutch times in the city and their colonial heritage. Princess street is something you will always remember long after your visit to Kochi. It is a must visit place to carry the essence of Kochi with you.

8.    Marine drive

Marine drive everywhere is just magnificent, and the Marine drive in Kochi leaves us with the same impression. The winds and the sea are just too beautiful to miss and the walk around it just too surreal to not experience. At night when the city lights fall in the water, and the gentle breeze touches your skin the feeling is hard to put in words. Other than the splendid beauty in the marine drive you can also visit the nearby malls and shopping complexes to enjoy your evening and have some retail therapy.

9.    Malayattor

A pilgrim to Christians all over the world. Malayattor holds Malayattor church, as per the locals St. Thomas prayed in. There is a colossal statue of St. Thomas inside the church and an impression of feet on the rock. Another astounding feature about Malayattor is a place where land, river, and mountain meet and hence making it an astonishing locale.

10.    Athirapally falls

Most commonly called the Niagara Falls of India. This site is without any doubt the most breathtaking one in the whole Kochi. Surrounded by exotic cafes and resorts this surreal location takes you in the lap of mother earth and its divine beauty.  The water falling from the height of 80 m creating a splash of thrill and the pristine water of the Western Ghats is serene to bath in.

Krishna Ghali

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