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World Environment Day 2019 Theme

Theme of world environment day 2019

Every Year World Environment Day has a new theme that draws the attention for the environmental concern so, this year the theme of WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2019 is “AIR POLLUTION”.

Every Year United Nations decides the theme of World Environment Day which shows the message of our environmental issues. Last year the theme of World Environment day 2018 is ” Beat Plastic Pollution” which gives a strong message to save our planet, so this year also UN decided the theme which relates the major issue of our planet is “AIR POLLUTION”

What is World Environment Day and when it is Celebrated?

The world environment day is the biggest annual event in the world run by the United Nations to mark the environmental awareness among the people. The aim of World Environment Day is to raise awareness to protect our nature and take a look about environment issues. World Environment Day is celebrated on every 5th of June.

World Environment Day is hosted by different counties for the official celebration this year China will be the host for World Environment Day 2019. As we cannot stop breathing, but we can change the quality of air which we are breathing.

Approx millions of people die due to “Air Pollution, on World Environment 2019 the government, industries, communities, and individuals should come together to explore green technologies and renewable energy to improve the quality of Air and make our environment Pollution free.

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World environment day was designed by the UN General Assembly in 1972 on the first day of the United Nation Conference on the Human Environment. Since 1974 the World Environment Day became the global celebration with the theme “Only One Earth”.

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Global citizens have organized many events like:-

  • Neighborhood Cleanup
  • Action against Wildlife Crime
  • Replanting Forest.

Do you know what the factors that affect our Environment?? I’ll tell there are 5 main factors which affect our environment are:-

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Overpopulation
  3. Deforestation
  4. Climate change
  5. Global warming

Clean City, Clean India, Clean World- Go Green!!!

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We are a part of nature and yes we are very much dependent on it so start planting trees and save our environment.

Let’s take an oath to protect our nature on this Environment day!!


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