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World Pneumonia Day 12th November 2020

World Pneumonia Day, celebrated annually on November 12, in order to raise awareness of pneumonia and the importance of disease prevention and treatment. The Day provides the world with an annual forum to stand together and to demand action to tackle pneumonia. The global coalition against child pneumonia, which was organized on the first World Pneumonia Day on 2 November 2009, has joined together more than 100 organisations representing children’s interests.

In 2009, the Stop Pneumonia established World Pneumonia Day to raise awareness about pneumonia – the world’s leading killer for children and also to encourage global action to fight, prevent and treat this deadly disease effectively. Pneumonia is the single largest adult or child infectious killer – taking 2.5 million lives in 2019, of which 672,000 are children. Although, pneumonia is an easily preventable and treatable disease, a more responsive and preventive approach is still needed in order to save millions of people’s lives.

World Pneumonia Day during Global Pandemic

During a global pandemic that is significantly rising pneumonia fatalities from COVID-19 and other causes This year, COVID-19 might raise the death toll to 1.9 million. This could lead to more than 75% more deaths from all-causing pneumonia. This death burden is not caused by any other infection. Health care disruptions are believed to lead to a further 2,3 million chid deaths, 35 percent of which are caused by pneumonia and new-born sepsis.

Concerning COVID-19, the world has been aware of the dangers associated with lower respiratory infections and of the challenge to population health and economic advances, and to the achievement of both national and economic targets, including the majority of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Although COVID-19 deaths impact adults disproportionately, according to recent model estimates, up to 2.3 million additional children could die this year due to health care disruptions.

World Pneumonia Day 2020 Campaign – Let’s Increase Access to Medical Oxygen

An important medicine has always been oxygen. We all agree to work in a more efficient way to enhance the access to medical oxygen at this World Pneumonia Day.

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