In one of the biggest technology conferences of the year , the mobile has taken the attention of the whole world by bringing several new phones in market which includes the new model from LG , MOTOROLA , SAMSUNG  with the bunch of new exiting features.

If you are interested in buying new phones or looking for an amazing phone, here are some best mobile phones.


If you are big fan BlackBerry phones you will be in love with this blackberry classic phone. The looks of this model is similar to the older blackberry model, but it has a very sharp features and sharp touch with an outstanding physical keyboard.

Price :- 16,679

  1. MOTO G4

MOTO G4 is one of the amazing smartphone  which has a 5.50 inch tochscreen with the resolution of 1080 pixels . Motorola G4 runs Android 6.0.1 and it is available in three models with different price range

  • MotoG4 play –  9000
  • Moto G4 plus – 12499
  • Moto G4 -10,499

  1. LG G5

Here is now a new LG smartphone LG’G5 which has a very nice metal design which is hampered by plastic removable bottom. It prevents the whole G5 body with metallic design. The bottom of this phone is removable and can also be exchanged with the “modules “ which offers new functions like zoom dial and camera grip. Only few  models have been released.

This phone has dual lens camera in  which one is an ultra wide angle lens which gives a fish eye effect.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note5

if you are thinking to buy a Samsung phone, then have a look for Samsung galaxy note 5. It is a brilliant big screen phone , which has a large , vibrant display and a stylus for taking Notes like previous versions of Note. This phone has a awesome metal-glass design with different features.


  1. HTC 10

This HTC10 is extremely beautiful and well-built smartphone. This phone can be baught unlocked which means you will not find any annoying on HTC10.

Price:-  39,000.

  1. MOTO Z

Now another amazing phone of Motorola series is MOTO Z, this phone is one of the thinnest and gorgeous phone. You will love the fact that it runs a pure version of Android. This phone supports the different modules that can be attached to the back of your phone. In this phone you can attach a speaker module for better sound and a projector module to project videos.

Price :- 40000

  1. IPhone 6s Plus

Since the iPhone 7 Plus is out, the iPhone 6S Plus gets a value cut of INR 6600, and that is an incredible arrangement. If you don’t get the greater part of the most recent components that the iPhone 7 Plus has, similar to water resistance or that favor double focal point camera, yet the iPhone 6S Plus is the genuine article. It keeps running on the capable A9 chip and has highlights like 3D Touch, which can recognize how hard you push on the screen and open up another layer of controls for your applications.


  1. OnePlus 3T

OnePlus pulled a strange move by declaring the OnePlus 3T five months after the OnePlus 3’s discharge. The good news for the  OnePlus 3 owners are there is no need to fell  low , as the OnePlus 3T isn’t much of an upgrade. The changes include a little faster processor( snapdragon) and slightly larger battery with 16 megapixel front camera.



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