International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 2020- Theme ,Challenges and Objectives

The General Assembly of the United Nations restates that all human beings treated equally in dignity and rights and should

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No Smoking Day 2021- Theme,Facts and Significance

On March 11, 2020, No Smoking Day is observed urging smokers to stop using cigarettes, raise awareness of smoking’s health

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National Youth Day of Zambia 2020

On every 12th March, Zambia celebrates Youth Day to remind the nation’s youth of its contribution to Zambian society. Zambia

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National Foundation Day of Japan 2020

Japan Foundation Day or National Foundation Day (in Japanese it is named “Kenkoku Kinen no hi”) is a national holiday

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National Wear Red Day 2020:Activities,Motive and Facts

“Heart disease Kills more women then cancer combined“ The National wear red day takes place in various countries in February

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World Toilet Summit 2019-Sao Paulo, Brasil

Every year there is the World Toilet Summit under the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance. This year the World Toilet Summit’s organizing

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Austria National Day 2020

Every year 26th October is marked as the National Day of Austria as an independent and sovereign state and relates

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