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World Homeopathy Day 10th April 2023

Every year on April 10th, World Homeopathy Day is commemorated to celebrate homoeopathy and its contributions to medicine. The day

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World Tuberculosis (TB) Day 24th March 2023 Theme- ‘Yes! We can end TB!’

“It’s Time for Action, Its time to End TB” World Tuberculosis Day or Word TB Day is a global public

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World Down Syndrome Day 21st March 2023 Theme- ‘With Us Not For Us’

“One Extra Chromosome, Millions of Extra Love” World Down Syndrome Day is a global public awareness day celebrated annually on

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World Obesity Day 4th March 2023 Theme

World Obesity Day is observed every year on 4th March to raise awareness about the global obesity epidemic and its

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World Oral Health Day 20th March 2023 Theme

“If you have a healthy mouth then you will have a healthy body, both of them goes hand to hand”

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National Dentist Day 2023

The dentists are not the most popular people but they are the only one who keeps your teeth healthy and

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World Hearing Day 3rd March 2023 Theme- Ear and hearing care for all!

World Hearing Day is an international initiative by the World Health Organization’s Office for Blindness and Survival Prevention (WHO). Every

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