Why India needs Mohan Bhargava and Karan Shergil for unlocking its superpower potential

In the year 2004, two exceptional individuals embarked on a shared journey of unwavering commitment to their homeland, India. One, a dedicated project manager at NASA, and the other, a valiant lieutenant in the Indian Army, united their strengths and determination to serve their nation, ultimately achieving remarkable success in their mission.

Mohan harnessed his profound knowledge in the fields of science and technology to bring light and power to a remote village in India, illuminating the lives of its residents with the wisdom he selflessly shared.

Where as ,Lieutenant Karan Shergil displayed remarkable valor and leadership as he and his team successfully reclaimed a series of mountain peaks on the Indian side of the border that had been captured by intruders from Pakistan, ensuring the security and sovereignty of his nation.

Indeed, their paths to selflessness were not initially set, but rather shaped by transformative experiences. Mohan, who had established a comfortable life in the USA earning in dollars, embarked on a journey to India driven by a desire to reunite with his Kaveri Amma, residing in a humble village. Little did he know that the series of events he encountered in this remote setting would profoundly alter his perspective, transitioning him from a self-centered individual into a selfless one, committed to the well-being of the villagers and his homeland.

Karan’s journey to becoming a dedicated officer in the Indian Army was far from preordained. Born into a well-off family, he had the luxury of living off his parents’ wealth without a clear life goal. Initially, he seemed to be following the crowd, pursuing activities like going abroad for an MBA, without a clear sense of purpose. However, the lack of direction and the disapproval of his parents and girlfriend pushed him to reevaluate his life choices and find a higher calling in serving his nation.

His journey was marked by challenges and setbacks. He initially left the Indian Army due to issues with discipline, overconfidence, and laziness. However, he underwent a remarkable transformation, turning these weaknesses into strengths. With newfound discipline, determination, and a burning desire to safeguard the pride of his homeland, he went on to achieve an extraordinary feat by capturing the most difficult peak from his enemies, symbolizing his unwavering commitment to defending his nation.

Yet, the question lingers: Where have these two individuals, Mohan and Karan, vanished to? and why india need them in future as they have already done their job and might be getting old,living a retired life.

Indeed, they haven’t gone anywhere; instead, represent the spirit of India’s youth who are motivated and ready to pursue their dreams and ambitions.”
The younger generation must always remember that regardless of their chosen path or profession, they should never forget their homeland. Whatever knowledge and skills they acquire should be utilized for the betterment of society, aiming to become the beacon of hope for the people like Mohan Bhargav and the guardian of the nation like Karan Shergil, protecting it not just from human adversaries but from any form of wrongdoing.

Although we primarily watch movies for entertainment, occasionally we stumble upon films whose characters inspire us, compelling us to tread the path they’ve walked. ‘Swades’ and ‘Lakshya,’ both released in 2004, were such cinematic gems that breathed purpose into the lives of young audiences, courtesy of the unforgettable characters Mohan Bhargava and Karan Shergil.

“If you’re a 21st-century kid and haven’t watched it yet, grab some popcorn and dive into it now!”