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Mauritius Independence Day 12th March 2023

Mauritius is a beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean on the southeast coast of the African content. On every 12th of March, Mauritius celebrate its Independence Day which they gained in 1968. Mauritius is one of the most successful countries among the African Continents by economically, culturally and with no civil wars. The Mauritius Independence Day is a national holiday marked by two key events which took place on March 12th which is “in 1968 Independence from Britain and becoming the republic nation in 1992.

Mauritius is a magical Indian ocean Island that has an interesting past, in fact, it holds secrets that are well worth discovering. It is said that this stunning island is uninhabited until 1598 and finally to reach its independence Mauritius had a long path through European settlers, the slave trade, colonists and more. This important day is celebrated across the island with more style and this year Mauritius will celebrate its 55th anniversary of Independence Day on 12th March 2023


The history of Mauritius starts with the discovery of this beautiful magnificent tropical island by Arabs, in the 16th century followed by Europeans which results in the struggle of Independence and freedom. The Island was uninhabited until the 16th century when the Dutch settlers caught it and decided to capture the Island which was the perfect place for them to colonize.

As Mauritius has a strategic position, it was a targeted place for the European countries who were looking to establish control for trade routes in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius was passed through Dutch, French, and British control and finally, in 1810, it became a colony of Britain.

In 1959, the British Prime Minister has given his speech and state that the intention of the British government to give Independence to many of its overseas colonies after that it led an increasing call within Mauritius for the self-rule. In 1966, the election resulted in a victory in the alliance of the Mauritius Labour Party with other ruled parties.

On 12th March 1968, Mauritius finally got independence by adopting a new constitution as a constitutional monarchy and after 24 years later on the same date 12th March 1992, Mauritius was proclaimed as a republic within the British commonwealth.


The national day of Mauritius is celebrated by showing pride and displaying national colorful flags across the island. There are many military parades and live music also with a flag-raising ceremony and National Anthem.

Swikriti Dandotia