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International Carrot Day 4th April 2023

Every year on April 4th, International Carrot Day is observed to highlight the advantages of eating carrots and to spread

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Parshuram Jayanti 2023 – Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Parshuram is Vishnu’s sixth incarnation in Hinduism who played an important role in both the Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is

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World Idli Day 30th March 2023 – A trail of South Indian Food across the World

Every year on March 30, people around the world celebrate World Idli Day. Millions of people worldwide participate in the

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World Water Day 22nd March 2023 Theme- Accelerating Change

World Water Day is an annual international observance day celebrated every 22nd of March to focus on the importance of

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Different types of Trees found in Himalayan region

The Himalayan region is noted for its breathtaking mountain ranges, varied flora, and fauna, and dense forests. Trees are one

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Hanuman Jayanti 2023- Date, Significance and Celebration

“Siyavar ramchandra ki jay pawansut hanuman ki jay” “सियावर रामचंद्र की जय, पवनसुत हनुमान की जय !” Hanuman Jayanti is the celebration of the auspicious birth

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International Day of Forests 21st March 2023 Theme- Forests and Health

Every year 21st March is observed as International Day of Forests to honors and raises awareness about the importance of

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World Book and Copyright Day 2023- Theme and Importance

World Book and Copyright Day or World Book Day or International Day of Books is an international event by the

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