3 To do list mistakes you are making till date!

To do list will literally save your life as it has saved my life mostly.✅ I sometimes make bold statements sometimes!?But! Trust me list generally telling is awesomeness. Without a to do list you have a birds eye view of what you expect from yourself.?

There are however mistakes people make when drafting this list. They seem to misunderstand the purpose and essence of having a to do list in the first place. So, they realize that then to do list are putting them under pressure, not working for them or just becoming impossible.

The very important point I believe while making a list is we do not put rest period.This is the most common and important mistake found but instead, maximise your mental, physical and emotional care abilities.A pause is an important and critical point if you want to maintain the sacred time of balance of time,  energy and attention.

Too general or too complicated While we see people to encourage to set high goals, you need to break them down into small and manageable steps.These are the steps that you need to put in your to do list.Always make steps reaching your goal just do not too generalize them or make it an impossible task for your own self.

Block your time for each task by blocking time you’ll also be able to gauge how long it takes to do certain tasks, which once’s are the time wasters once and when and where to devote your energy best.

Schedule then as your priority. Be careful do not multitask.  To do list can indeed be highly effective in helping you reach your goal. But even better than a list is a optimistic to do behavior that is focused and specific. 

Happy reading

Author: Neerja Biwalkar