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Silk Clothing: Five Must-know supremacies

Wearing silk has been a timeless classic across the world! It is one rich fabric that never slips out of the fashion box. Silk suits every occasion and goes smooth over any body type or size. A closet without some silk clothing, be it shirts or even lingeries, is missing out on one of the best, comfortable, and flaunting fabrics. Battling the old school verdict that silk is occasional and a party fabric, revolutions upon silk dresses can be seen when you shop from designers like Silk Laundry, a destination to find everything in silk, from skirts to blazers!

Imagine a night’s sleep with glossy silk nightwear! There can never be a better night because often people experience their mattresses heating, which intrudes a good night’s sleep. However, solely dressing in silk helps you get rid of unwanted heat wiping down the spine. Silk is a natural temperature regulator that sucks out excess heating that your body may encounter while sleeping. Not just that, most people report silk to be an all-year fabric, and their favourite fabric they go on repeat! It’s so because the tightly woven silk threads can even help you meet winters with some knits!

Five benefits of silk attires

Silk is no more expensive fabric and just for adults! Yes. Reputed designers like Silk Laundry have made silk all-age clothing. With their versatile dresses for every woman at affordable prices, doesn’t every benefit matter? Here are five convincing benefits that will leave one buying silk the next time,

1. Happy hair!

Now that it sounds like a pun, silk clothes can indeed help your hair stay healthy. One prime reason for intense hair fall is the continuous friction generated when your hair is in contact with a surface, be it or clothing or bedding. Cotton or other fabric may seem slender and soft but are not the same with hair.

Such frictions can cause hair damage, thereby leading to breakage! Additionally, silk scarves or other attires help retain your hair’s natural oil rather than suctioning them. As a result, you get frizz-free, hydrated, and silky smooth hair, and it’s not a pun anymore!

2. Let others inquire about your age!

Be dressed in silk and feel youthful, they say! That’s true even because silk, the fabric, helps in retaining your skin’s moisture. With plumpy and clear skin with enough water, do you even find wrinkles and sagging? A scientific proof? Silk chemically contains proteins with amino acids that aid in anti-ageing by keeping the skin’s lines smoothen down!

3. Silk breathes

Undeniably a glamorous synthetic outfit for a night’s party can seem appealing to the eyes but never on your skin! Why? It’s so because most fabrics fairly trap air, making you feel sultry over time. But silk is a fabric that breathes and lets your skin breathe as well.

4. An allergy remedy

Being allergic to food, some clothes, and even some fragrances isn’t new! But have you heard of someone being allergic to silk? Perhaps no. Silk is a tested, hypoallergenic textile material because it is free from chemicals or toxins that may elicit an allergic reaction.

5. Healthy intimate areas  

Silk has an excellent antimicrobial property and is just the best fabric your intimate areas need. Vaginal infections are common in three out of every four women, and silk undergarments or pants have reports of a possible remedy, as they never let yeast harbour!

Though silk has multiple benefits, one can experience them to the fullest only on picking 100% silk with zero blends! So, it is necessary to watch out for silk blends that behave like regular fabrics.