Things you can and cannot take when you checkout from Hotel Rooms

Recently we saw a viral video of Indian family went for a holiday in Bali but later it turns nightmare for them when their bags were checked by hotel staff while doing check out. At first, the family was angry on the staff for taking down their bags from the taxi for the search but as soon as the hotel belongings started coming out of it, they tried to calm down the matter by giving hug to hotel guys and convincing them to let them go as they will pay the amount.


There was huge outrage over the video and even people were calling to cancel their passports.

But this type of incidents not only happened with Indians when they travel abroad, but it also happens in India too. It’s not like people can’t afford to buy those things but it’s all about enjoyment or satisfaction that some people get after stealing things in the hotel.

So, let’s have a look at hotel accessories which we can or cannot take with us.

Towels: Never. Towels and napkins are not meant to be taken along out of the hotel even if it is not used. Some people even didn’t spare napkins provided in Train AC coach.

Water: Nobody minds taking water bottles with you, it’s fine and acceptable.

Fruit Basket: Carrying a piece of fruit from the basket along with you sounds good but whole contents in a handbag look weird.

Stationary: Yes, you can take items like Pen, Pencil, Notepad, etc.  and the hotel won’t mind it.


Teabags, sugar sachets, Milk Powder. – No one will point out to you on taking these items, only carry if you are desperate.

Complimentary wines: It’s better if you finish it while staying in a hotel, but they don’t mind if you take it out.

Toiletries: You can take used shampoo, soap, shower cap, etc with you as they not re-usable but avoid taking any unopened product.

Chocolates: Complimentary chocolates are allowed but not from the mini bar.

Flowers– No, as they are part of room decorations.

Cutlery, crockery ashtrays, etc.: Never take away any of these items.

Hangers: Easily affordable then why to take it!!

Bathroom Slippers: Used toweling variety sleepers are OK to carry out of the hotel but avoid rubber sleepers.

Minibar:  Anything you take out of the minibar without notifying room caretaker will count as stealing.


So, the golden rule is anything which cannot be re-used is good to take otherwise take it on your own risk 😀

Swikriti Dandotia

*This post was inspired from Vir Sanhvi’s article published in Hindustan Times.