7 Enlightening Benefits of Custom Blinds

Do you want more versatility when adding blinds to your home or office? In 1769 Englishman Edward Bevan received the first-ever patent for Venetian blinds. The invention added wooden slats to a window frame to let natural light into a room. Today, Australians have several options when selecting window treatments, including custom blinds. However, it’s easy to overlook the number of benefits and uses of customised window coverings.

Pairing with décor

When pairing window treatments with other room décor, you’ll have more options by selecting customised items instead of standard ones. For example, whether you’re designing or redesigning a room, there are more options in terms of the blinds’ style, size, and material.

This makes interior design easier and provides more options like adding Australian bush colours to your interior design. Selecting standard blinds will limit the number of options.

Custom-cut sizes

This is another major benefit of customised blinds. For example, you can select units with a particular width, which is ideal for non-standard-sized windows. It’s critical for window treatments to fit well over the windows in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

A related issue is slat sizes. This feature allows more control over the amount of sunlight you let into a room. For example, you’ll likely want to allow more light into dark rooms and less light during the hot summer months. Customised blinds allow more flexibility in this area.

Manual or motorised operation

All blinds can provide certain benefits related to security, energy savings, and aesthetics. If you want to avoid sitting all day, then manual blinds provide the benefit of burning some calories to open or close them.

Meanwhile, custom blinds are also available in a motorised variants. This provides the convenience of operating them without needing to manually adjust the slats. The process can be quite time-consuming if you have large and/or many blinds to open or close.

Colour options

When selecting customised blinds, you can also select from various colours. This makes it easier to mix and match the blinds with décor to maintain a colour scheme in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Some options include selecting the same primary or secondary colours or mixing and matching them with neutral colours such as black, white, and grey.

Eco-friendly materials

When selecting blinds, you can also find Earth-friendly materials such as sustainable timber and bamboo. Some bamboo species can grow 0.9 meters (3 feet) in one day, which makes it one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet.

Different aesthetics from different fabrics

When selecting blinds, you’ll have more fabric options, which can create a unique look and feel. There are various factors to consider, including the region’s climate and room location. For example, if the room gets minimum sunlight, then it’s important to select lighter fabrics that will also create lighter aesthetics.

The blinds’ fabric can also create an appearance of other materials. For instance, various wood grains can create the aesthetics of real wood, so multiple options can allow you to create an individualised design in a particular room.

Budget-friendly options

We often consider customised products to have sky-high prices. However, one of the benefits of customised blinds is you can get high value at affordable prices. One of the main benefits is you’ll have more control of the blinds’ size, material, and colour.

While you have many options when selecting new blinds for your home or office, custom blinds offer several benefits. This is in terms of factors like the size, material, and colours. Whether you need one or 101 blinds, customised ones can open a home or business to new opportunities.