National Days

International Day of Non-Violence 2nd October (Gandhi Jayanti 2021)

Every Year on 2nd October International Day of Non-Violence is observed to mark the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian independence movement and founder of non-violence theory and strategy. The Day is celebrated to promote non-violence and public awareness through education.

In 2007, this day was marked by the UN and is celebrated on Gandhi ‘s birthday as an ideology and non-violence policy symbol. The non-violence theory aims at social or political reform and opposes physical violence. This year the world will celebrate the 152nd Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

The UN General Assembly on 15 June 2007 voted to designate 2 October as the International Day of Non-Violence. The General Assembly resolution calls on all UN members to commemorate 2 October in “an appropriate manner and disseminate the non-violent message, including through education and public awareness.”

The inspiration for non-violent campaigns for human rights and social change around the world was Gandhi, who helped lead India to independence. Throughout his life, Gandhi, even under oppressive circumstances and in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, remained committed to his belief in non-violence.

 The idea behind his acts was that “just means lead to just ends;” that is, it is irrational to seek to use violence for a peaceful society. It was to encourage the massive civil disobedience to the British law as in the case of the historic Salt March 1930. He claimed that in their struggle for independence from colonialism, Indians could not use violence or hate.

Significance of Non-Violence

Mahatma Gandhi was a strong man of values. One of the most famous freedom fighters. He was unquestionably committed to ‘Satya-Ahimsa’ (Truth and Nonviolence). He became a thorn in the flesh of the British Raj based on these two strong fundamentals. He is rightly recognised as the “Father of the Nation.” A man of his stature pays tribute to the observance of the International Day of Non-Violence.

On the occasion of International Day of Non-Violence, we all need to realize the importance of living in harmony and in peace with citizens of other religions, castes, genders, cultures, etc. The international event seeks to foster brotherhood in the world beyond borders.