Not A Good Start For Chadar Trek

Trekkers should take care for the safety measures while going to Chaddar trek.

Chadar trek is one of the coldest and wildest treks of India where the travelers from all over the world come to trek the frozen river known as Zanskar River. After hearing the news that trek will be closed by 2020 reporters found that there is more rush as compared to the previous trek.

This time the trek does not give a good start, Two casualties have been already reported in which  one 35 year old trekker Dhaval Shah died due to cardiac arrest while another trekkers  Sagar is rescued  by Indian Air force.

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Both the trekkers were from Mumbai and came to Ladakh to complete the Chadar trek. The reason for the death of “Dhaval Shah” is cardiac arrest which happen due to cold as the temperature drops from -30 to -35 degree. And the another trekker “Sagar” is rescued by Indian Air force he said that–  “there was a little path which we have to cross which wasn’t clear that it is completely frozen or not he said four to five trekkers had already crossed that patch before me but when I stepped in, the ice broke and I fell down in ice”.

The team of 7 IAF members led by Wing Commander Vikrant Uniyal immediately rescued him by using there rope and safety equipment’s and pulled him up from the icy water.

-Swikriti Dandotia

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  • I have done chadar trek. Reading this blog has refreshed my memories. Very soon I will do it again. Thanks for this inspiring article. Check my blog for trekking tips to Chadar Trek which I wrote after my trek.

  • nice blog….chadar trek happen in the month of january and feb….walking on a frozen river with cold breeze and chilling weather is an experience you want to have once in life chadar trek 2020

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