What to Expect From Your Home Solar Technician During Installation

Americans, on average, spend $1,411 on electricity bills annually.

To cut this cost, you’re considering switching to solar power. Your only concern is what to expect during the solar installation process. You’ve probably heard the rumor that solar installation is costly and time-consuming.

Yet, this is a big fat lie, so ignore it.

Keep reading to discover what to expect from your home solar technician during installation.

Site Assessment

Days before the solar panel installation, a technician will visit your home for a site assessment. The goal is to inspect your roof to ensure it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of the solar panels. Also, the assessment will play a key role in determining the ideal roof part to install the solar system.

So, the solar technician will only go through the site assessment report during the installation. Besides, they’ll double-check your home roof to ensure it’s okay to install the solar panels on it. To ensure this work is done the right way, search for solar technicians from a reputable company such as Blue Raven.

You want to find friendly and highly experienced solar technicians who offer top-class services.

Electrical Wiring

After reading the site assessment report next, the solar technician will undertake electrical wiring. You may be tempted to undertake this work yourself to reduce the solar panel installation cost. After all, how hard is it to connect some wires from your house to the roof?

Yet, this fatal mistake makes it hard to receive solar permits and approvals. The reason is that before you start using solar power, the government will send an expert for inspection. The goal is to ensure that everything is properly installed to receive the permits.

So, hire a licensed solar technician to ensure the electrical wiring work is done right.

Installation of the Racking System

The solar technician will also oversee the racking system installation on your roof. The technicians will ensure that these racks are firmly installed. Also, they’ll check the level of the racks before installing the home solar system.

The goal is to ensure that these racks are on the right inclination.

Installation of Solar Panels

Next, the solar technicians will mount the panels on the racks. All technicians agree this is the most delicate part of the solar installation process and require focus. The technician must be careful when lifting the solar panels to the roof and mounting them to avoid damaging them.

Once these complete mounting the panel, next is to connect the wires and test. The idea is to ensure that your home solar system is working properly.

Get the Work Done Right by Hiring a Licensed Solar Technician

To ensure the solar installation work is done right, you need to search for a licensed solar technician. You want to find an expert who’ll recommend the ideal home solar system to get. The idea is to make it easy and quick to switch to green energy by hiring this specialist.

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