US,Taliban Peace Agreement 2020-Point to Point Explanation

1.US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and Deputy Taliban Chief Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar have signed an agreement on the final withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

2.The deal sets the stage for putting an end to America’s longest war — the almost two-decade-old Afghanistan conflict that started after the Sept. 11 attacks, killing tens of thousands of people.

3.’ If the Taliban and the Afghan government live up to these promises, we will have a good way to stop the war in Afghanistan and bring our troops home, ‘ President Trump said on Friday before the deal was signed.

4.The agreement stipulates that the Taliban will conduct talks with the Government of Afghanistan and will not hide terrorist groups intended to attack the West.

5.America’s attempt to establish a democratic system in that country and to enhance opportunities for women and minorities was challenged by the re-emergence of the Taliban, which prohibit girls from public schools and boys.

6.”Neither we wanted them to stay for centuries, nor they wanted that,” said Afghan defense minister Asadullah Khalid before the ceremony in Kabul.

7.US ,Taliban agreement is not a final peace settlement and could dissolve, This is seen as a step towards negotiating to end Taliban rule with extreme Islamic restrictions.

8.The war cost US$ 2 trillion. More than 3,500 US and Coalition troops and tens of thousands of Afghans have been killed since the US invasion after the Sept. 11 attacks.

9.The Taliban provided a list of 5,000 Taliban prisoners currently held by the Afghan Government to US negotiators. And the rebels declared that 1,000 Afghan security forces would be released in exchange for the Taliban captivity.

10.A peace agreement with the Taliban was a primary foreign policy goal for President Trump, who advocated for an end to the war.

11.The removal of US forces – about 13,000 now live in Afghanistan – depends on the Taliban’s compliance with its long-standing agreements, including their establishment of ties with international terrorist groups, such as Al Qaïda.

12.”The future of Afghanistan must be decided by the Afghans. The agreement between the US and Taliban creates the conditions for Afghans to do that.” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in Doha for the ceremony. 

13.Sher Mohammad Abas Stanekzai, deputy chief negotiator, said in a video of the event released by the Taliban media, “This is a victory day — with the help of God.”

14.The Taliban have widely viewed the possibility of taking the strongest military power in the world to the point of withdrawal as a victory.

15.Although the Taliban have achieved their primary wish under this agreement — the removal of American troops — they did not make firm promises to uphold the civil rights of people they repressed violently when they were in power.