The Best Ways to Store a Boat

Annual boat maintenance equals about 10% of a boat’s original cost. However, there is a way that boat owners can reduce this cost. They must store a boat in the proper way.

If you’re interested in learning about proper boat storage methods, read on. 

How to Store a Boat Outside and/or Inside 

Experts believe that the best place to store a boat is indoors. Storage options like the ones this company offers keep your boat protected from natural elements. In addition, the security measures offered by these facilities will prevent thieves from stealing your vessel. 

However, you might feel worried about the “how much does it cost to store a boat” question. Unfortunately, indoor storage costs more than outdoor storage. Estimates run from $50 to $500 per foot of a boat. 

If you’re unable to afford this, you may have to opt for a much cheaper outdoor storage version. You can store a boat on your property or on a water body near your home. If you opt for a marina, it should cost you $20 to $50 per foot. 

Also, proper boat storage doesn’t just involve finding the best place to store your boat. You must also prepare it for storage. If you don’t, certain elements can damage it. 

How to Winterize a Boat 

Before putting your boat in any long-term storage situation, you must winterize it. The exact steps for this process vary (consult your manual for specific instructions). In a nutshell, however, it involves removing harmful elements and adding protective ones. 

Boat owners putting their boats into storage must first drain most liquids out of them. This will prevent rust and mold growth. Oil and water are all included in this category. 

After you do this, add new oil into the engine and fuel stabilizer into the tank. Then, remove the drain plugs. 

Once this is complete, you can begin adding some protective elements to your boat. With indoor storage, you must lubricate certain parts and wrap up the boat. For outdoor storage, there are a few more steps you must take. 

How to Protect a Boat in Outdoor Storage

If you’re storing your boat on the water, make sure it won’t freeze around your vessel. You can use an agitator to prevent this from occurring. 

Beyond that, it’s best to give your boat some form of shelter. On your own property, you can set up certain storage sheds or canopies. If these aren’t an option, you should at least put a tarp over your boat. 

You should consider a tarp for outdoor wet storage as well. 

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Remember that most boats are highly expensive luxury items. It can be quite an inconvenience to purchase a new one. For this reason, it should be worth it to you to keep your vessel well-protected. 

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