List of Famous Indian Circus: A Journey Through Time

For centuries, the circus has been an essential part of India’s cultural legacy. The nation has given birth to some of the most well-known and outstanding circus artists in the world, and over time, a number of circuses have distinguished themselves as the best in the nation.

Over time, a number of circuses have distinguished themselves as the best in the nation. The following are some of the top circuses in India that you should check out:

The Great Bombay Circus

The Great Bombay Circus is one of India’s most illustrious and historic circuses. The circus, which was founded in 1920, is renowned for its daring acrobats, accomplished jugglers, and amazing animal feats.

Gemini Circus

Another well-known circus in India that has delighted generations of Indians is the Gemini Circus. The 1951-founded circus performs breathtaking animal shows using elephants, horses, and tigers, among other animals. Talented performers with expertise in juggling, acrobatics, and aerial performances are also featured at Gemini Circus.

Rambo Circus

Since 1991, the popular Indian circus Rambo Circus has been enthralling spectators. The circus is well-known for its spectacular acrobatics, risk-taking exploits, and expert animal acts. In addition, the Rambo Circus is well known for their fire-eating and clown actions.

Raj Kamal Circus

One of the most well-known circuses in India, the Raj Kamal Circus was founded in 1975. A range of activities, including as acrobatics, juggling, and aerial acts, are presented during the circus. Elephants, tigers, and lions are among the animals used in the animal shows of Raj Kamal Circus.

Jumbo Circus

Yet another well-known circus in India, the Jumbo Circus, has been entertaining onlookers since 1989. Aerial performances, acrobatics, and juggling are just some of the activities performed at the circus. Jumbo Circus is particularly well-known for their animal acts, which include horses, camels, and elephants.

The Great Royal Circus

In India, the Great Royal Circus is a well-known circus that has been entertaining spectators since 1976. This circus has a different fanbase as there are many different acts like trapeze performers, fire eaters, and jugglers. Lions, tigers, and elephants perform at the Great Royal Circus together with other animals.

Empire Circus

As being founded in 1880, Empire Circus has been one of India’s oldest circuses. The circus is well-known for its outstanding performers and breathtaking animal performances. Clown shows and trapeze acts are also performed at Empire Circus.

Great Golden Circus

India’s Great Golden Circus is well-known for its outstanding performances and is a household name. The circus comprises exceptional artists from several countries, such as Ethiopia, China, and Russia. Particularly this circus is well known for lion, tiger, and elephant performances.

Great Rayman Circus and Amar Circus

One of the first circuses to be established in India was the Great Rayman Circus, which was started in 1920 by Kallan Gopalan, a Keeleri Kunhikannan disciple and one of the country’s foremost performers at the time. Kallan Gopalan once established a circus empire that included, among other things, the National Circus and the Bharat Circus. Gopalan founded the Amar Circus in the 1960s; it is still running today and was most recently run by K. P. Hemraj.

These are a some of the oldest and most well-known Indian circuses that have been delighting audiences for many years. Every circus is interesting to see because of its distinctive style and performances.

Swikriti Dandotia