An App to Improve Delivery Experience

Have you ever been worried and anxious about a delivery because of the lack of updates from the store you ordered it from? It is stressful thinking about the packages you ordered online, especially if they cost a lot of money. You never know what could happen to it during the delivery process. It can get lost in transit, get stuck in customs, or worse, get switched with other packages. To make your life less stressful when you have deliveries, you should consider installing a proof of delivery app to easily track your packages.

  • Delivery Made Easier

Make your life easier by having the power to track where your deliveries are. But does an app make a big difference? Would it save you from the stress of the waiting game each time you have something delivered to you?

  • All in one app

You do not have to visit different tracking websites for different packages because you can input the tracking data and the app’s carrier. You can track multiple packages at once, all in one app.

  • Constantly updated

Because you are tracking the driver and the vehicle, you will get constant updates instead of waiting for updates from the store you purchased the product from or from the delivery company itself. You will know exactly where the driver is.

  • Enticing Features

There are many features in the app to take advantage of. Some apps can notify you during transit, while others have instant notifications throughout the delivery process.

  • Live feed of the map

Some apps show a live feed of the map, showing you the vehicle’s location that has your package. If you have an internet connection, you will know exactly where the driver and the vehicle are, and you can estimate the time they will take to arrive at your doorstep.

  • Proof of delivery

If you are not at home when your package is delivered, you have the option to request proof of delivery. All your driver has to do is send a picture to your app as proof that your package was successfully delivered to your mailbox or doorstep. The app also allows you to capture signatures as well.

  • Immediate notifications

You will be notified of changes during transit, such as a vehicle change or any delays caused by several factors. You will get instant notifications through email or SMS, depending on what you choose.

  • Access to support

You can get the customer support you need without waiting on the phone for hours on end just for you to be notified of what happened to your package. Your chosen app’s technical support staff will be there to guide you through technical difficulties or other concerns you might have regarding the app.

If you make online purchases often, it can be quite stressful to track everything. When you forget what is being delivered when and sometimes, you even stress if it is not being delivered successfully. To ease your stress and to make your life easier, download proof of delivery app. These apps can give you instant notifications, live tracking, and proof of delivery no matter where you are. You might want to take advantage of this opportunity by downloading a reliable app to make your package delivery experience less stressful.