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Three Tips for Solar Installation in South Carolina

In South Carolina, the average home will save $94,809 over the course of a lifetime with solar installation.

South Carolina’s all-around weather makes it the best place for solar panel installation. The great solar incentives the state offers make more sense to go solar in the palmetto state.

Apart from the financial benefits going solar has, it also impacts the environment for the better. With the earth at its worst, you can contribute to its betterment by going green.

Here are three tips to help you as you go solar in South Carolina.

1. Take Advantage of the Solar Incentives

Going solar can be a huge financial undertaking for anyone. For this reason, both the federal and state government have come up with solar tax incentives. These incentives are aimed at softening the massive financial requirements when going solar.

The federal solar tax credit is by far the best and biggest driving force behind the significant adoption of solar panels nationwide. The 26% tax credit was initially set to drop to 22% in 2021, but Congress has extended it for two more years. This means you get a chance to enjoy the full 26% tax credit.

Is there a better time to get solar?

With South Carolina’s state solar energy, you stand to cut solar panel installation costs by as much as a quarter. As a resident of the palmetto state, you can claim a 25% tax credit on your solar bills. It gets better since the credit carries over for up to ten years.

Take full advantage of these tax credits and see your expected total solar installation cost decrease.

2. Understand South Carolinas Net Metering Policy

Net metering allows consumers who produce their own power to sell excess power back to the Utility as credit for the coming month’s bill. In a nutshell, you can sell any excess power you produce back to the utility company in the form of credits. Understanding how the policy is in your state will help you make the right choice for your home.

3. Consider Solar Loans

With solar installation costs soaring, going with a solar loan might make sense. As more and more people opt for solar power, solar companies have made solar loans available and affordable. It will make more sense if your loan payments are less than the monthly utility bill.

Compare your local solar options and compare their loans to find the best suit for you.

Save Money by Choosing Solar Installation

Looking at the long-term solar installation benefits solar installation offers, it’s high time to go solar. This will save you money and possibly earn you through credits. You’ll also feel the pride in knowing that you’re not contributing to the destruction of mother earth.

So, take action right away and contact reputable solar installation companies near you.

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