What Are the Different Types of Renewable Energy? A Complete Guide

Every day, we take for granted the fact that our society runs on limited resources. Every time we drive, turn on the lights, or warm up our homes, we most likely burn up non-renewable fossil fuels.

Scientists estimate that we will run out of oil by 2052, gas by 2060, and coal by 2090. This means we need to focus on more sustainable ways of living.

Read on to learn about the different types of renewable energy to educate yourself for the switch!

Solar Energy

Every day, our side of the Earth turns towards the sun. Even though cloud-cover, it lights up our sky and warms the atmosphere to varying degrees. 

In fact, life on Earth cannot exist longer than our sun does. So, this makes it one of the most reliable types of renewable energy.

Companies like Blue Raven Solar rely on panels that absorb sunlight into PV cells. This creates electrical charges and energy flow to power your home and other electronic devices.

When you do not use all of the energy generated in your panels, it gets exported to the solar grid. When this happens, you will actually receive credit from the energy company for supplying them!

Solar does cost quite a bit to install. But, you can receive tax credits and your lower bill in the long run actually reduces overall energy costs.

Wind Power

Weather often proves itself a formidable force through destruction. But, you can actually harness the wind for power.

When it spins turbines, this generates electricity. Building wind farms on open land offers a great way to power farms and other needs, but many people worry about the noise, aesthetics, and danger to wildlife. Also, gentle days will not generate enough power, so it works better paired with solar.


Water also moves fiercely. Over thousands of years, it even created incredible landscapes we see today, like the Grand Canyon.

Hydropower works similarly to wind power, as it flows through pipes to spin turbines for the generation of electrical power. Unfortunately, droughts make it imperative to use a backup energy source, like solar power.

Geothermal Energy

Deep inside the Earth, temperatures rise over 10,000 degrees F at the core. This heat seeps from volcanoes and warms hot springs, but may also be used to generate power for human use.

Utilizing this type of renewable energy requires infrastructure that reaches hot water miles deep inside the Earth. The steam moves through turbines to create a consistent power source. Though reliable, it does cost a significant amount of money to set up.

Know the Different Types of Renewable Energy

As fossil fuels run out, we should start to educate ourselves on the different types of renewable energy. It is important that we begin to switch over to solar power and other renewable energy sources before the sources we currently use simply dry up and it becomes a panic situation.

Look into the government and state funds available to help you switch to renewable energy! Learn more interesting facts on our website that will help you live a better life!