5 Tips for Finding the Best Solar Battery for You

By 2020 the solar battery market was valued at $121.6 million, with a projection to reach $375.83 million by 2027.

Are you tired of the inconveniences caused due to frequent power outages in your area? After installing solar panels in your home, you need to get the best solar battery to store excess wattage generated. The growing need to use green energy has skyrocketed advancements in battery technology.

However, identifying the best solar battery to go for can be mentally draining. Lucky for you, this article will divulge five tips to use when searching for the best solar batteries.

1. Power Rating of the Solar Battery

This refers to the amount of kilowatts (kW) the battery can produce at once to power electrical appliances. The power rating guides you in determining the number of electrical appliances you can power at once, and it goes further to name them. The average solar battery has a power rating of 5kW.

To put it into perspective, 100 Watts LED bulbs will use 0.1kW of power, then multiply the number of bulbs on your property. A solar power battery can easily power appliances that require minimal wattage for a longer period.

2. Storage Capacity

This refers to the amount of electricity the solar panel battery can store. The battery’s capacity SI unit is kW, while the size of the battery is in kWh. The size of the battery tells you how long it can power your home appliances.

If your AC is rated at 5kW, you can only power it for two hours using a 10kWh solar battery storage. Be sure to check the usable battery capacity as that’s the exact amount you can use. However, how long the charge will last is highly influenced by the amount of wattage your appliance needs.

3. Battery Lifespan

A battery’s lifespan is assessed in two major aspects: throughput and the number of expected cycles. Throughput approximates the amount of electricity you’ll be able to use in the lifetime of the battery. The expected cycle is the number of times you can charge and discharge the battery.

Suppose the manufacturer guarantees a 30,000 kWh throughput warranty. You rest assured the expected cycle will be 3000 on a 10kWh battery.

4. Consider the Cost

Cheap is expensive; for batteries, if you go for cheap ones, you’ll spend more due to frequent replacements. You should pay more attention to other details such as cycle life, rating, and capacity than the cost. However, analyze the market to see the best solid state battery that fits your budget and can serve its intended purpose.

5. Know Your Needs

The amount of energy consumption you use in a day should influence the type of battery you intend to install. More so, does your solar panels generate more wattage than you consume so that it can get stored for later use? This should provide a framework to help you determine the type of battery you want.

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Simplify Choosing the Best Solar Battery by Learning Key Things to Check

Without a proper roadmap to guide you when choosing a solar power battery, the task can be daunting. Incorporate the above tips on your search to get the best solar battery in the market.

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