How Much Does a Solar Battery Cost? An Overview

Stop paying bills and increase the value of your home! Solar power can help you take control of your home’s energy, but it can be expensive to install.

Read on to find out how you can use a solar battery to store excess energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and make money.

Is Solar Power for Me?

If you are looking for a way to reduce long-term costs of energy, or make a change to reduce your emissions, then yes! Solar power is definitely a great option to consider.

Before you get started, you might want to familiarize yourself with some key terms. There is a lot of terminology surrounding solar panels, solar storage, and electricity generation. It can be confusing if you are not familiar with it.

A common misconception around solar power is that you need to live in a hot country. This is not true, as solar panels work with light from the sun, not heat. So as long as you have physical space for solar panels, you should be able to power your home using solar power.

Another lesser-known advantage of installing Solar power includes the ability to store energy in batteries for days when it is not so bright. But, doing this does increase the initial investment amount.

To find out whether it’s right for you, head to blueravensolar.com/blog/why-go-solar-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-solar/ for a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of solar power. 

How Much Does a Solar Battery Cost?

While Solar power is cheaper for users in the long term, it can be a very big upfront cost and the addition of a battery to this might be off-putting to some.

To give you an idea of cost and specifications, we will look at three different batteries, although there are many more on the market. You should take the time to find out all of your requirements before choosing what’s right for you:

  • Tesla’s Powerwall: $8,500, comes with a 10-year warranty, power cut backup, and 13.5kWh capacity.
  •  Sonnen Eco: $10,000, comes with a 10-year warranty, power cut backup, and 16kWh capacity.
  • LG Chan Resu: $13,000, comes with a 10-year warranty, no power cut backup, and 13.1kWh capacity.

Please note, these prices are estimates. They include installation and an inverter. An inverter is only needed if you already have solar panels and need to fit the battery after.

Do I Have to Use a Solar Battery?

Using a solar battery is not essential for everyone. Many people use the national power grid as a backup, earning credit by returning energy when their panels produce more energy than they can use.

But, if you live in an area where the grid is unreliable you should consider a battery as part of your solar power system.

What Else Do I Need to Consider?

If you are still keen to invest in solar power, there are a few more things to consider:

How much power do you need for your home? This would influence your choice of battery. This might save you some money too, as there are cheaper solar batteries with smaller storage capacities.

Do you have the money to pay for everything upfront? Some providers offer a payment plan.

Where will you install the battery? Some are larger than others, some can be stored outdoors and others need to be indoors. Bear this in mind when you are looking at your options.

Keep Up to Date

So, there’s a lot to think about! Solar batteries certainly have a lot of benefits but you may not need one for your setup. Make sure you do your research and check what you need for your home to save unnecessary solar battery costs. 

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