What Are the Best Sources of Green Energy Available Today?

Did you know that our gadgets and the internet account for 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions? Even worse is, it’s projected to double by 2025!

There’s no doubt that we’re putting a huge strain on our planet. And while we can’t put that damage to a complete halt, there are definitely ways we can slow it.

One way to do so is by turning to green energy sources.

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Something many homeowners are turning to is solar energy. You might’ve known it as an expensive type of green energy, but the fact is, it’s much more affordable nowadays thanks to the availability of quality solar panels!

Solar providers can outfit your roof with the optimal panel configuration to get the most out of solar energy. You can also choose to be partially off the grid, or completely. And in some states, you can even sell energy back to the grid!


The wind is actually the largest source of sustainable energy, believe it or not!

To harness the energy of wind, you’ll need wind turbines. These are great because they don’t have any harmful emissions. Also, they can operate all day and all night, providing round-the-clock energy.

When you look at green wind energy, it’s actually better than solar in terms of its carbon footprint!


Hydroelectric power relies on water to turn turbines. Think of those old-school water mills and you’ve got the picture! In fact, these have been around since the 1880s, which is proof that hydroelectric power is a reliable way to get energy.

Because this system relies on flowing water, it’s always renewing itself. It doesn’t have harmful emissions either and has the potential to be scaled massively, considering the majority of our dams aren’t fitted for hydroelectric power. It’ll be relatively easy to retrofit them, so the projects shouldn’t be too expensive.


Geothermal energy comes from underneath the earth’s crust. It does require some drilling to access this energy, which makes it not as green as the other energies listed above.

However, once you have access to geothermal energy, its benefits far outweigh its cons. It’s estimated that if we take full advantage of geothermal power, it can produce 10 times as much electricity as coal currently does!

Geothermal power does have its limitations though. It’ll be harder to access in some places than others, which means more extensive drilling needs to be done.

Turn to These Sources of Green Energy

With these sources of green energy, you’ll be able to do your part in keeping your carbon footprint small. While most homeowners go for solar power, you can still turn to other types of green energy for both your home and business. So give it a think!

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