How to Find a Local Solar Installation Company

While 3% of electricity in the US currently comes from solar panels, this percentage is increasing at rapid speed. Solar panels are more powerful and affordable than ever before, which has homeowners eager to make the switch.

However, before you can switch on the lights, you need to find a local solar installation company. They’ll not only install panels on your roof, but also explain exactly how to use and care for your new investment.

Want to find out more? If so, keep reading to find our top tips for finding a solar contractor near you.

Ask Neighbors for Recommendations

When looking for a solar contractor, one of your best resources is right next door! If your neighbors have recently had solar panels installed, don’t be afraid to ask for the name of the installer.

This helps you learn which contractors are actively working in your area so locals can let you know which companies to hire—and which to avoid. You can also ask specific questions, such as how long the installation took and how they found the overall experience.

Read Online Reviews

Research is always helpful too, so read reviews online to learn more about a prospective solar company. In addition to the company’s website, search for unbiased review sites like Google and Yelp, which will give you honest feedback from previous customers.

Look for details in the reviews about an installer’s customer service, professionalism, and punctuality. This can help you work out whether a company is someone you’d want to work with.

Contact the Better Business Bureau

When searching for solar in your area, one great resource is the Better Business Bureau. This is a non-profit organization that provides consumers with lots of information about businesses in their area.

You can use it to check if any complaints have been filed against the company, which is important since there are so many scammers in the solar industry.

Check for Accreditation

If you’re unsure about several solar companies, it can help narrow your search by checking their qualifications. In addition to being experienced, each company should also be licensed and registered as a qualified solar installer.

Each company should also be fully insured, which protects both you and your property in case of any damage or accidents during the installation process.

If a business is hesitant to show you proof of their insurance and licensing, they’re probably operating illegally.

Find the Best Solar Installation Company With This Guide

Can’t wait to start enjoying the benefits of solar power? First, you need to find the right contractor for the job, so use these tips to find the best solar installation company.

Once you’ve found a winner, give them a call to get an estimate for the job. Then, both parties will sign a contract and you’ll be on your way to having your very own solar-powered home!

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