Top 5 Ideas For A Fun Virtual Halloween Happy Hour

Halloween is a great holiday for adults and children alike. It can be a great way to connect with colleagues, even if you have to celebrate via Zoom. Create a unique office background for your Halloween happy hour and come up with some spooky activities that bring everyone to the meeting.


Armchair for relaxing, a house plant, a chandelier, and a blank canvas on the wall. 3d Render

Costume Contest

Make your happy hour a costume hour and give everyone the opportunity to do a test run. Ask your team to dress up as if they were going to a Halloween party. Offer a prize for the best costume using a survey or collect votes through chat. Make sure to take pictures to use on a social media channel on Halloween to showcase how much fun your team has.

Happy Hour Games

You may not be able to bob for apples or cook marshmallows over a bonfire when you’re celebrating virtually, but there are plenty of virtual games that everyone can enjoy. Halloween trivia is easy to play online. Make a bingo card with Halloween-themed entries. Host a virtual escape room or murder mystery. There are dozens of companies that have paid and free versions to give you new ideas for your meeting.

Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunt

Give your virtual team a list of Halloween things to find in their homes: a coffee cup with a monster, a scary knife, a pumpkin, etc. Set a time limit to show it off via camera. If you get multiple entries, vote for the best one. Give out virtual prizes or gift cards. Use your Zoom background with logo to keep things neutral and to avoid making everyone clean up their space for your meeting.


Share Halloween Snacks and Drinks

You can’t share in person, but you can showcase your favorite Halloween foods or beers online with each other. Ask everyone to bring two or three things to taste during the party and describe them to the others. Talk about why it’s a favorite Halloween treat. Make suggestions about finding local pumpkin beers, wine, or family foods with history. Inspire each other’s in-person get-togethers.

Tell Spooky Stories

Find Zoom office backgrounds free that celebrate the season. Ask everyone to bring their spookiest ghost story to tell around the virtual bonfire. Alternatively, provide a prompt. “It is a dark and stormy night in your office. You hear a noise from the boss’ office. You get up to investigate.” Let the next person write the next line, then pass it to another team member.


Team Building on Halloween

For children, Halloween may be all about candy, but for adults, the holiday can be more about fun and building relationships, even with costumes and spookiness. You know your team and what would keep them engaged during a Halloween party. Use that information to give everyone a chance to meet up without work expectations and to create new connections. If you have the budget, have some treats for everyone that you can pass around virtually. Gift cards are always fun. Use Halloween as part of your team-building process.