Dine & Cusine

Feed the Whole Crew with Papa Johns Family Meal Deals

Papa Johns makes it easy to feed a crowd. Pizza is always a good choice when there are many mouths to feed, but the menu also features a wide selection of other items that are sure to please. It also does not need to be expensive when hosting a large number of guests. There are many deals to be found in which you can save money and also earn credit towards future orders.

Dinner Deals

If you are taking a break from cooking and need to figure out dinner for your family, Papa Johns has you covered. Check out the various family pizza discounts, as pizza is always a crowd-pleaser. And, with the variety of pizzas available, you can find something for everyone.

You can find pizzas made with traditional red sauce as well as those made with Alfredo, Ranch, BBQ, and buffalo sauces. If some of your family loves cheese while others do not, order one pizza on the stuffed crust with extra cheese and order another pizza vegan. There are even crustless versions of your favorite combinations.

Many of the family meal deals available contain a variety of items. For example, a popular one includes two pizzas, one side, a dessert of your choosing, and two liters of soda. It makes mealtime a slam dunk.

Family Lunch Options

Perhaps you are feeding your family or coworkers for lunch. One great way to do so is to take advantage of the mix and match pizza deals. For only $6.99 each, you can choose from a variety of items. A 1-topping pizza is one option, as is the Papadia. This sandwich is filled with tasty fillings and served with a sauce to dip into.

Other options on the Papa Pairings menu are the wings, which are available in traditional or boneless varieties, sides, and desserts. Order a couple of each option for a feast, and use this opportunity to try an item you have never had before. 

Save Money While Feeding a Crowd

You do not need to break the bank when you use a Papa Johns coupon code. Sign up to get text or email notifications of discounts, or download the smartphone app to take advantage of app deals. Another place to find deals is on the website of your closest Papa Johns. Under the specials tab, you will see a selection of discounts available. Many are good for feeding a crew.

If you are not a member of Papa Rewards yet, now is the time to sign up. It is a free loyalty program in which you earn one point for every dollar you spend. You get $10 to spend on your choice of menu item, such as pizza, Papadia, Papa Bites, or wings, once you earn 75 points. If you are feeding a crowd, it does not take long to earn that many points.

The next time you are feeding your family or friends, order from Papa Johns, as there are great options for making a meal for a large crew.