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World Idli Day 30th March 2024 – A trail of South Indian Food across the World

Every year on March 30, people around the world celebrate World Idli Day. Millions of people worldwide participate in the traditional South Indian dish known as idli. It is a fermented rice and urad dal batter-based steamed cake that is soft and fluffy. Idli is not only a tasty but also a nutritious alternative for breakfast. It is easy to digest, high in protein, and low in fat.

History of World Idli Day

Dr. Vithal Venkatesh Kamat, an Indian-American entrepreneur and philanthropist, was the one who first suggested Global Idli Day in 2015. Owner of the famous Kamat Group of Hotels in India, Dr. Kamat has been a strong proponent of encouraging wholesome eating practices.

Idli has a lengthy and interesting past. The Tamil literature Manasollasa from the 10th century contains the first recorded reference of Idli. Iddalige was the dish’s original name, and black lentils were used in its preparation. The Idli we know and love today was made as a result of the recipe’s evolution over time and the addition of rice to the batter.

Idlis have become incredibly popular in recent years. It is no longer simply a South Indian specialty; it is now a popular breakfast choice across the nation. Due to the increased interest in Indian cuisine, it is also becoming more well-known in other regions of the world.

In addition to being a delicious and healthful dish, idlis have opened up thousands of jobs in the food business. The creation of multiple idli-making companies and the employment of thousands of workers are results of the demand for idlis.

People prepare and enjoy idlis with their family and friends around the world on World Idli Day. In order to draw guests, Indian restaurants and hotels offer special discounts on idlis, and some even come up with novel iterations of the meal.

World Idli Day honors not only a delicacy but also a way of life and a culture. It serves as a reminder to adopt good eating practices and to value India’s rich culinary heritage.

Swikriti Dandotia