How Do I Choose the Best Solar Company in My Local Area?

Solar energy is a fast-growing industry in the United States. For their electricity needs, an increasing number of people are turning to this renewable source of energy. In fact, there are about 1.47 million solar panels already in use across the country.

With a myriad of obvious advantages to solar energy, it’s easy to see why this trend is gaining traction.

Besides, selecting the best solar installation company is a crucial part of the solar panel installation process. So, what are the various things to consider when selecting the best solar company? And how do you go about finding the best one for you?

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about finding the best solar installation company.

1. Check Their Track Record

To determine how good a company is, read solar energy company user reviews. From the reviews, clients will describe their experiences working with a solar company. Additionally, some users will recommend companies that sell the best solar panels in your area.

If you notice consistent complaints against a solar company, then it is best to avoid it.

Besides reviews, you can speak to people you know that have installed their solar panels. Sometimes people may post reviews to besmirch a company or lie about how good they are.

2. Ensure They Are Licensed

Hiring unlicensed contractors poses considerable risks to a homeowner. If an unlicensed electrician damages your solar panels by installing them incorrectly, you will be liable for the damages.

A licensed company should possess a general electrical contractor’s license. The license confirms that the company understands everything about electricity. There is a minimal chance that a licensed company would install solar panels incorrectly.

3. Confirm If They Have a Warranty

The best solar company gives you a warranty even before you ask for it. A solar company without one is likely shady. Some companies do that deliberately to avoid footing for the expenses should their solar panels fail to work correctly.

Warranties range between 1-25 years, depending on the company you choose. It is tempting for a person to opt for a 25-year warranty. Though it’s a good deal, ensure you investigate further about the company offering you such a warranty.

A newly established solar company offering an extended warranty is a giant red flag. An inexperienced company may likely collapse due to ignorance on how to run a company. If the company collapses, it is going to lack the capability to compensate you.

If you must go for an extended warranty, choose a company that has been in existence for many years.

Choose the Best Solar Company Near You

The process of selecting the best solar company may seem tedious, but in the long run, it is worth it. You may hire a cheap company only for them to install faulty solar panels. Though spending as little money as possible is good, let it not be the only deal-breaker for you.

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