5 Reasons Why Portland Solar Is a Great Idea

Did you know that the state of Oregon has enough solar panels installed to power 147,535 homes?

It might be surprising to some that solar has become so popular in the Northwest. Did you know that Portland solar energy in particular meets the national average?

This brief guide will explain the top 5 reasons why solar installation is a great idea in The City of Roses!

1. Portland Solar Incentives

There is currently a 26% solar federal tax credit offered to commercial and residential customers. This can significantly cut down the cost of your solar investment.

There are also several city-wide incentives, such as net metering and the Portland Clean Energy Fund. Several rebates, like the ODOE Battery Rebate, will also be available to those in Portland.

2. Solar Is a Great Investment

The average cost of solar panels in Portland, OR is about $2.87 per watt. The federal solar tax credit lowers the cost of a typical solar panel system from around $23,000 to $16,000. This is without even adding other rebates.

Going solar will instantly add value to your home. Buyers are currently paying a premium for homes with solar panels already installed.

Of course, the panels will eventually pay for themselves with the money you’ll save on electricity and net metering. The total price varies from home to home, so get a solar quote for a more exact figure.

Solar leases, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), and solar loans are all alternative ways to switch to solar without outright purchasing panels.

3. Low Maintenance

Solar energy panels are very durable and designed to withstand severe weather. Most panels come with a warranty that can guarantee up to 20 years of functionality.

If you decide to lease your panels, the provider is responsible for all of the maintenance and monitoring of your solar panel system.

4. Help Create Local Jobs

Not only is solar a great investment, but it also helps support the community.

Residential solar energy provides many local jobs for installers, designers, and solar service providers. Solar energy currently provides 3,502 Oregon citizens with jobs.

On a national scale, solar installation jobs are slated to increase 52 percent from 2020 to 2030. This increase is much larger than other occupations.

5. Solar Power Is Reliable

Power outages around the country have been a big issue in recent years. Solar power allows customers to be independent of the grid in times of crisis.

Even on cloudy days or in severe weather, the sun will still charge your panels. It’s always on and a reliable way to ensure you keep the lights on, no matter the situation.

Ready to Switch to Solar?

Portland solar energy just makes sense. It’s very affordable thanks to incentives, rebates, and multiple purchasing options. Also, Solar is a great investment that will add value to your home and save you money.

Now you’re ready to join the thousands of Portland citizens who have already made the switch to solar!

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