The Ultimate Guide to Atom Text Editor

Using the right text editor while programming is essential. Although many people use Notepad++, it’s not always ideal for every circumstance.

For this reason, some developers choose to use the Atom text editor instead. We’ve created a brief guide that details everything you should know about it. Let’s get started.

So, What Exactly Is It?

For those who are unfamiliar, this program is a text editor that you can use to write code.

They can also be used to run programs that are written in a variety of different coding languages. These include JavaScript, Python, C++, etc.

Its primary benefit is the level of flexibility that it provides to developers. To elaborate, it is specifically designed to be as customizable as possible.

This means that each developer could change the look and feel to suit their needs. They can also implement a variety of techniques to help optimize their workflow. It comes with a handful of built-in functionalities that make it more pleasant to use over other text editors like Notepad++.

For example, the Atom code editor includes automatic code indentation so that you can ensure that your code stays properly formatted as you write. You can also easily view the structure of your project, allowing you to pinpoint where files and folders are located.

How Can I Configure the Settings?

To configure this text editor in the way you would like, the process is relatively straightforward. For beginners, Atom offers a welcome guide that highlights the key features of the application. It clearly illustrates what the program is capable of and even conveys some of its most popular attributes.

To further configure the program’s settings, you can navigate to the preferences menu on Mac OS or the settings menu on Windows. Here, you will find a wide array of options to choose from regarding customization.

How Can I Improve My Efficiency?

In order to optimize efficiency when working with the application, it’s in your best interest to research everything that it is capable of.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of free information that you can access on the Internet. Some of the most notable are blog posts and video tutorials.

Although it might seem overwhelming at first, these can go a long way in terms of how you improve your workflow. Keep this in mind when moving forward so that you can take advantage of them.

Looking for other alternatives to Notepad++? You can check out this resource to learn more:

What Are the Best Practices That I Should Keep in Mind?

As you work with the application, you begin to encounter scenarios that you can optimize and issues you need to overcome. The best practices listed below can help you do so easily.

Let’s take a look.

Customize Your Keyboard Shortcuts

Memorizing keyboard shortcuts can exponentially increase the rate at which you are able to work.

However, not all keyboard shortcuts are easy to remember or input. Additionally, there will be a large number of shortcuts that you will likely never use. The good news is that Atom allows users to create their own shortcuts using any key combination that is currently available.

For example, let’s assume that you would like to make a shortcut for the Run command. You might find that you tend to think of a shortcut for this function as ctrl + R since “R” in this scenario would stand for “run.”

You have the opportunity to create this shortcut in this scenario. It’s in your best interest to come up with a list of personal shortcuts that can help you perform the functions that you need on a regular basis.

This essentially allows you to create a tailored list of keyboard commands that can help ensure you don’t get off track and interrupt your workflow.

Write Comments as You Go

Beginners often find themselves feeling lost when they come back to projects they had previously started. The same can be said for experienced programmers who revisit a project that has an extensive amount of code. To help overcome this situation, you should get in the habit of writing comments as you go.

This will help ensure that you have a strong understanding of the code you have already written. It’s also in your best interest to make your comments as straightforward and detailed as possible.

Otherwise, you might not be able to remember what you were originally thinking when you created a specific variable or method.

Consider Pushing Your Projects to Github

Github is a platform that allows you to upload and synchronize products that you create within code editors. Its primary benefit is that you can save different instances of the same project, allowing you to revisit a particular iteration as long as you have pushed it to the platform.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you push a product to Github on a regular basis. This is particularly true before you attempt to make a drastic change or implement an experimental technique.

Otherwise, you may find yourself having to backtrack and rework your entire program.

The Atom Text Editor Can Be a Powerful Tool

The information above will help ensure that you are able to take advantage of the benefits it is able to provide. From here, you’ll be able to easily decide whether or not the Atom text editor is right for your situation.

Looking for more tips that can help you out later on? Check out the rest of our blog for plenty of more useful information.