Awareness Day

International Migrants Day 18th December 2021

Through the UN-related body International Organization for Migration, The United Nations celebrates the international day migrants each year on 18 December to highlight contributions from nearly 272 million migrants including more than 41 million internally displaced people (IDPs) and the difficulties they face. A resolution on the International Convention on the Protection of Rights of All Migrants Workers and Members of Their Families was adopted by the General Assembly on 18 December 1990.

The International Day of Migrants is an occasion to eradicate stereotypes and increase awareness of their economic, cultural and social achievements, for the good of both their country of origin and their country of destination.

Migration has been a courageous manifestation throughout human history of the individual’s ability to overcome hardship and live a better life. Globalization today has significantly expanded the number of individuals who have the opportunity and the ability to travel to other countries, along with developments in communications and transport.

Migration is now attracting more and more interest in the world. The complexities and uncertainties of international migration, combined with elements of unpredictability, emergency and uncertainty, demand strengthened coordination and joint action between countries and regions. In this sector, the United Nations is actively playing a catalyst role, with the goal of promoting further dialogue and cooperation between countries and regions, as well as cultivating the sharing of experiences and opportunities for collaboration.

This year’s International Migrants Day is based on social solidarity tales that are as complex and special as any of the 272 million migrants living new lives in every corner of the globe and creating new communities.

This year the message of International Migrants Day 2020 is #WeTogether which means We live Together read, develop, work, sing, dance and play. This is the meaning and message of the International Day of Migrants.

Swikriti Dandotia