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Unlimited Downloads: What to Look for in an Internet Service Provider

A particular survey revealed that 53% of the respondents in Australia reported problems with their ISP (Internet service provider). The common complaints revolve around reliability, specifically disconnection problems, slow internet speeds, and connection failures. Because of this, it is crucial to partner with providers that understand your needs and provide reliable services like opticomm internet , Australia’s high-performing Internet service provider.

With the heavy reliance on the Internet, ten minutes of disruption can mean missed deadlines, absence from class meetings, or loss of clients. Fortunately, you can minimise bad experiences and avoid switching costs when you know what to look for in an Internet service provider.


Sometimes, connection problems are due to the lack of infrastructure in your area. In rural neighbourhoods, satellite coverage problems are common. As a client, you must ensure that your community is part of your ISP’s serviced area.

Many reputable ISPs like Opticomm Internet have supported multiple local communities with their streaming and web hosting needs. You can flick them an email to double-check if your address is covered.

High Speed

Speed is critical. If you are on a work-from-home setup or enrolled in a distance learning class, you will need a high-speed internet connection to achieve work and academic goals, respectively. ISPs offer a range of plans with varying speeds and connection types.

For instance, a basic NBN plan in Australia usually has 15 to 25 Mbps. You can go higher up to 250 Mbps (ultrafast plan), but, of course, higher speed means higher cost. To avoid spending unnecessarily, understand your needs, and choose a plan accordingly. Choose an ISP with a range of high-speed plan options at reasonable prices.


Your needs may change over time – additional clients have signed up or three more additional flatmates have moved in. These situations call for an upgrade in only a matter of months. So choose a company that allows you to easily scale up speed or change plans when necessary.

Furthermore, many ISPs offer free upgrades once every month, benefiting clients who have experienced changes in their Internet requirements. Downgrades are available, too, albeit under certain conditions. This level of flexibility will mean great savings on the user’s part.

No Hidden Charges

Say no to hidden charges. Choose a provider that delivers and stays true to its promises – no extra data charges, speed shaping, and other bill-related surprises. With your deadlines looming and pockets tight, the last thing you want is hidden charges from your ISP.

You can read reviews or ask referrals to attest to the authenticity of your ISP. More importantly, ask in advance about plan switching or termination costs before entering into any agreement. Exit strategies should be planned, too.

Reliable Service

Reliability is a factor why customers switch Internet service providers. In a highly congested area, Internet connection becomes problematic. So, make sure your provider can commit to a reliable service despite the traffic.  Note that reliability is also evident in how fast a company responds to the inevitable system breakdowns or customer feedback.

As a rule, shortlist at least three before zeroing in on an ISP. Use these factors to assess your decision. A reliable Internet connection is a key to productivity in this digitally dependent world.

Author: Ester Adams