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Bollywood Songs that will give you Kashmir Wali Feeling

Since the late 1960s to the present there are songs filmed on Kashmir or in Kashmir, and you still find

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An 1869 portrait of Charles Darwin, the British naturalist whose theory of natural selection fundamentally altered the world's opinions about the evolution of living things.

Darwin Day 12th February 2023

Darwin Day is an annual celebration of the life and achievements of the naturalist Charles Darwin. It is observed on

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National Pollution Control Day 2nd December 2022

Every 2nd December, India celebrates National Pollution Control Day to commemorate the memory of those who lost their lives in

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World Pneumonia Day 12th November 2022

World Pneumonia Day, celebrated annually on November 12, in order to raise awareness of pneumonia and the importance of disease

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Why Bhopalis loves to roam in Vintage jeeps

In the era of smart technology cars which most of us want to own it and go for a long

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