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Famous Cricketers Jersey Number and its History

A player may retire but their jersey will never. It always is there in the honour of that player’s accomplishment. It’s not just a t-shirt but it represents the emotions that were attached to millions of fans across the world. For cricket lovers, if you still don’t have your player t-shirt then buy jerseys online in india to show love towards your favorite sports person.

Well Jerseys plays an important role in sports as it is like a team’s uniform where each team has to wear the same color jersey which represents their team like Blue for “Team India”, Yellow for “Australia” etc. , while watching cricket have you ever noticed that each player has their own unique Jersey number through which we can identify them.

Do you know that when Jersey number came into Cricket? 

Well till 1998 there was no t-shirts number for the cricket team. In the 1999 world cup, for the first time, the cricket team got their t-shirt number which represented their unique identity. At the time all the captains had to wear number 1 Jersey and rest of team are in altered numbers 2 to 15. If more than two players make debut in a match they were given numbers alphabetically based on their surname.

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1999 World Cup

During 1995-1996 World Cup series first time Australia used jersey number in the international cricket along with the name of the player, some of them assigned with their number and some player choose their own number like “Shane Warne’s jersey number was 23, and Ricky Pointing’s number was 14”.

Well, the Jerseys numbers in cricket are not so much important it only helps commentators to identify the player on the field.  But in Games like as like Football, Hockey and Basketball it plays an important role while interchanging the substitute player. 

Let’s read about the famous Indian cricketer’s jerseys numbers and the reason behind choosing the number

Sachin Tendulkar- No. 10

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No one can forget this number, firstly he used to wear 99 numbers (which is the highest number on Jersey) and later he switched to no 10 t-shirts which are given to those who inspire the team.

Rahul Dravid– 19

He dedicated his T-shirts number to his wife birthday he mentions that it is the best way to remember my wife’s Birthday.

Virendra  Sehwag – 00

First, he used to wear 44 number (4+4=8) but this number was unlucky for him after that so he never wore 44 number and chose to wear a t-shirt without any number.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni—7

Everyone knows the Jersey number of Dhoni but do you know why, because 7th July is his birthdate Dhoni and his birthdate is 7/7/81 means day-7, month-7 and year 81(8-1=7) that’s why he wore 7 no T-shirt.

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Virat Kohli—18

Indian Captain Virat Kohli chooses his T-shirt number 18 after the death of his father on 18th December 2006 when he was an 18s-year-old.

Rohit Sharma—45 

Highest run-scorer in the World Cup 2019, his mother suggested him to take 9 no t-shirt but that number was already been selected by another player so, he took 45 number jersey while totaling the count is number 9.

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