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World Environment Day 5th June 2024 Theme- land restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience

World Environment Day is one of the biggest days of recognition for encouraging people worldwide to save and protect our environment from the different environmental challenges the world is facing today. The World Environment Day is also “People’s Day,” which is a day to do something to take care of our environment. It is an important platform for promoting the dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What is World Environment Day, and when is it celebrated?

World Environment Day is the biggest annual event in the world, run by the United Nations to raise environmental awareness among the people. Its main aim is to raise awareness to protect our nature and look at various environmental issues that are growing day by day. World Environment Day is celebrated every 5th of June. It is one of the main ways to protect our environment.

Theme and Host Country for World Environment Day 2024

This year the theme of World Environment Day 2024 is land restoration desertification and drought resilience

According to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, nearly 40 percent of the world’s land is presently experiencing degradation, directly affecting half of the planet’s inhabitants and posing a substantial risk to almost 50 percent of the world’s economic output, equaling approximately US$44 trillion. The frequency and length of droughts have increased by 29 percent since 2000. Without prompt intervention, droughts could imperil the livelihoods of more than three-quarters of the global population by 2050.

“Land restoration stands as a fundamental component of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), a unifying initiative dedicated to safeguarding and rejuvenating ecosystems worldwide, an endeavor of paramount importance for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Host Country for World Environment Day 2024 is Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to host World Environment Day 2024 with a focus on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience

According to Jean-Luc Assi, the minister for the environment and sustainable development in Côte d’Ivoire, “the scourge of plastic pollution is a visible threat that hurts every community throughout the world.” In our position as the 2023 World Environment Day host country, we cordially invite all sectors—from the public and private sectors to civil society—to collaborate in identifying and advancing solutions.

Global citizens have organized many events like:-

Neighborhood Cleanup

Action against Wildlife Crime

Replanting Forest.

Save trees

Major factors that affect our Environment

Air Pollution



Climate change

Global warming

We are a part of nature and yes we are very much dependent on it so start planting trees and save our environment.

Let’s take an oath to protect our nature on this Environment day!!

Swikriti Dandotia

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