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World Down Syndrome Day 21st March 2023 Theme- ‘With Us Not For Us’

“One Extra Chromosome, Millions of Extra Love”

World Down Syndrome Day is a global public awareness day celebrated annually on the 21st of March with an aim to spread knowledge and raise awareness about Down Syndrome. World Down Syndrome Day is recommended by the United Nations General Assembly and since 2012 this day is a celebration. The name of Down Syndrome is taken from the British doctor, John Langdon Down, who described the disorder scientifically for the first time in 1866. Down Syndrome is an estimated condition of 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 1,100 live births worldwide.

What is Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder occurs when an individual person has an extra partial or a copy of Chromosome 21 and till now it is unknown why this syndrome occurs. Down Syndrome exists all over the world and results of these diseases can be seen in the physical characteristics, learning style, and health.

For the development of an individual, there must be adequate access to health care, intervention programs, education, and most important is the appropriate research.

World Down Syndrome Day Theme –

This year the theme of World Down Syndrome Day 2023 is ‘With Us Not For Us’

An approach to disability that is based on human rights must embrace the concept of With Us Not For Us.

DSi is dedicated to abandoning the outmoded charity model of disability, which saw those with disabilities viewed as objects of charity, deserving of sympathy, and in need of care from others.

Every year Down Syndrome International decides the theme to focus and raise awareness about this disease.

Aim of celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

  • Show how successful and meaningful involvement can be done for people with Down syndrome through open information and communication, good support and integrated consultation
  • To empower people with Down syndrome, those who value them and their representative organizations also to encourage successful and meaningful involvement.
  • Contact key stakeholders, including education, health, and social care professionals, employers, the government and public bodies, the larger movement of people with disabilities, the media, and the wider community, to spread this message and bring about change.

Why 21st of March is chosen for World Down Syndrome Day

The date for World Down Syndrome Day was selected to marks the uniqueness of the triplication of the 21st chromosome which is the cause of Down Syndrome. The date was selected as the 21st day of the 3rd month to signifies the 21st chromosome.

Activity on World Down Syndrome Day

There are many activities to participate but the main activity to raise awareness about Down Syndrome is wear #LotsOfSocks. The Socks must be in different bright colors. We can wear a set of 3 socks to show awareness about chromosomes.

Yellow and blue are awareness colors of World Down Syndrome Day.

How to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day?

Well, world down syndrome day is recognized in many countries all over the world. Organizations such as Down Syndrome International organize various activities for World Down Syndrome Day. some of the organizations promote this day with various seminars, lectures, public exhibitions and speeches on raising awareness about down syndrome.

Swikriti Dandotia