Healthy benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are very popular because they are relatively easy to take care and also the health benefits of indoor plants are numerous. From air purification to stress reduction,  your home with houseplants is an easy way for you to be happier and health
 Indoor plants are a great option for those who have little yard space for an outdoor garden. On average, indoor house plants last 2-5 years. After that, plants stop thriving and it’s best to invest in another plant. Indoor plants are known for being very affordable. The smaller the plant, the less expensive it will be so invest accordingly.Also, if you’re caring for plants for the first time, read the information to allow your green friends grow better.

How do you plant indoor plants?
Most of the time, indoor plants are already in containers, so there is no need to plant them.
Indoor plants need little light and can be good fit for places where light is more dim. 

How do you care for indoor plants?
Here are some tips that will help you care for indoor plants:

  •  It’s important to make sure soil is not too wet nor too dry
  • Make sure the plant pot has drainage holes in the bottom of the pot
  • Place your plant near a light source, whether it’s natural or artificial

Some of the most common reasons plants die are:

  • Overwatering or underwatering
  • Light Levels (either natural ir atrificial lights)

 So stick to these and see what ways you feel better and If you’re really feeling uninspired or having a hard time focusing, adding a few plants to your home could be just what you need to unlock your next great idea.

Author – Neerja Biwalkar