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We were on road trip from Srinagar to Leh and had a one night stay at Kargil, since it is a long journey. Kargil is small district located around 200 km from Srinagar and 230 km from Leh.

I called my parents that we are staying at Kargil tonight there first reaction was::
What you are doing there?? You know it’s a very dangerous place.
Have you not heard about Kargil war who told you to go there??….And many more similar words.

After 18 years of Kargil war still our family members and many people of India has a common perception about Kargil that it’s a war place.
Just 230km ahead world famous tourist attraction Leh Ladakh is Situated but still many traveller’s in India doesn’t care to go Kargil and explore tourism there.


Before reaching to Kargil ,  I was also under the same impression that it’s a place where war happened between India and Pakistan although I was wrong, Kargil is a beautiful town surrounded by Mountains and Suru river flowing across the town will give you Hill station feeling. Also Kargil was an important Post during the Silk Route trade Connecting China to Central Asia.

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There are very famous tourist Attraction places in Kargil including LOC which one should visit there. Let’s read:-

LOC KARGIL:- 25KM far from main city.

Unlike Wagah Border and other borders in India, LOC Kargil has a rough border surrounded by mountains followed by Suru River which flows to Pakistan. There is no single Fence across the border, you can sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of mountains. As per the locals, border here is very friendly from both sides which makes this place more peaceful to visit but you will definitely feel the patriotism here after seeing how army is serving our country in these geographical conditions. In LOC Kargil there is rough border in which we are in Direct Line of Sight where Pakistan army can see us. The side area of LOC is stilled covered with land mines and you can see the warning board by military. To watch LOC border view point video click here.


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HUNDERMAN BROK:- Last village of India.

It is a small greenish village situated at the LOC. Though the population is very less but people of this village are very kind hearted. During winters the life of villagers are very harsh as the temperature touches around -30 degree Celsius.  You will see how tough life they are living in these type of conditions. Before 1971 this area was in Pakistan so people lives here have many relatives at other side of border.

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When you travel from Srinagar to Leh Drass will come first where the war took place in 1999. You will get the glimpse of the highest tiger hill which was captured by Indian Army from intruders. At Kargil Drass memorial you will get goose bum after visiting the War gallery. Kargil war memorial is also known as Vijaypath and built by Indian Army.

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Suru valley is an attractive tourist destination where you will find big rock mountains on one side and on other side the beautiful green fields along with charming Suru River. This river flows to Pakistan from Kargil, India. The valley is full of wild flowers, water streams and above all the mighty NUN KUN Peaks. On the way to Suru valley you will get the view of 2300 year older Buddha statue.

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The Mulbekh Monastery is one of the most important tourist attractions to see near Kargil which is situated at a height of 3,304 meters. You will get a view of nine meter tall statue of Buddha which is carved on mountain. This monastery is situated at a distance of 45km from Kargil.


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Today Kargil is one of the most beautiful and memorable place in India, which has seen brave soldiers, gave up their lives to defend it.

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  • thank you for sharing details about this destination, so much respect for the soldiers..and the details shared are informative

  • I love hearing about places most tourists never see, especially those that have been depicted negatively. Thanks for the insights into Kargil. Suru Valley looks stunning!

  • This post shows how incredible india is!

  • On visiting India, traveler’s don’t think about visiting a place like Kargil yet it holds historic importance! I’ve only seen the beauty of Kargil in some movies however, your post has definitely given a new perspective!

    • Ne never thought about coming to this place but it sounds interesting. Maybe I should consider it.

  • Your pictures are very nice but I am a little confused about the war, did it end 18 years ago or has there been 18 years of war?

    • Thnkyou..war took place in year it counts 18yrs

    • Ends 18 year ago… 1999

  • This was a beautiful post Swikriti. I didn’t know much about Kargil before. Only what I heard about from media.

  • That’s a real eye-opener for me too. I too had heard of the beauty there but your pictures make me realize just how much! Keep us posted on such wonderful places!

  • Nice article, thank you!!! I’ve stayed in Kargil twice on two different journeys between Srinigar and Leh. I was very impressed and moved by the Kargil War Memorial, and I highly recommend that people visit it. I’m also very pleased to see that India can and will protect that beautiful statue of Buddha, as we know what has sadly happened to the Buddha statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

  • Thanks for sharing. It definitely looks like an interesting place to visit. The mountainside is so peaceful looking.

  • This place is really interesting. Suru Valley is so stunning place. It so interesting because of its history.

  • This is my first time to hear about Kargil is a war place. Bit interesting because of its history. I would like to know more about this place.

  • India has always been a place I wished to visit. I unfortunately don’t know much about the place, but people always seem to be on edge when I say that’s the one place I wish to visit. Thank you for providing me with more details on Kargil, as it’s a place I had not known of.

  • This does look like a memorable and beautiful place to visit. I totally agree, it’s full of regained beauty.

  • It looks interesting place and this post shows how beautiful India :)), thanks for sharing!

  • The Kargil looks like an absolute paradise and a place of historical significance! Though due to the intense political scenario between both the countries, many travelers are little skeptical about traveling there. But you have changed their perspective. Just curious to know about the accommodation out there? Are their hotels/motels in Kargil?

  • A brilliant writeup on Kargil! Well defined, emotional and strong. Great job…

  • Glad you bring this destination to us all who wish to visit it some day ! Much respect !

  • Gr8 ARTICL man, very rare ARTICL, thanks, so amused to see how Indian soldiers walked these straight cliffs that too under heavy firing, respect to Indian army.

  • Nice work there is general perception In india that Kargil is a war zone which got highlighted during the Kargil war and people mostly remember Tiger Hill and other places which ware got highlighted during the war, however the place is very beautiful has is also famous for its tourism activities. There are many tourist attraction in the area which you have mentioned in the article besides that the apricot blossom in the area in the beginning of summers is sight to watch.

    • Yes i visited twice to kargil and its is was wonderful place j&k tourism must promote kargil for best tourism

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