Good Friday 7th April 2023- Significance and Wishes

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating Jesus ‘crucifixion and Calvary’s resurrection. In Holy Week, it is celebrated on the Friday before Easter Sunday in the Pascha Triduum which will correspond with the Jewish observance of Passover. Also referred to as Holy Friday, Great Friday and Black Friday. Good Friday has been considered a day of sorrow, penance and fasting since the early days of Christianity, a trait that can find expression in the German Karfreitag (“sorrowful Friday”).

The Good Friday is celebrated by many Christian denominations including the Catholic, Western Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, West Orthodox, and Reformed traditions, with fasting and worship services.

This year Good Friday 2023 will fall on the 7th of April

Good Friday is one of the earliest Christian holidays, with records suggesting that since 100 CE it has been observed. In the early years of its observance, it was connected with fasting and with the Crucifixion around the fourth CE. The date of Easter depends on the ecclesiastical approach to the equinox of March.

Facts you should know about Good Friday

  • It is believed that for the good of the people, Jesus Christ put his life on the stake. People mark this sacrifice as Good Friday.
  • On Good Friday, people go to church wearing black clothes and pray and apologize for their sins.
  • Jesus Christ, who gave the welfare of humanity and the people to learn to walk on the path of truth, suffered a lot and crucified by sinners. The sinners crowned Jesus Christ with thorns when he was crucified. These words come out of Jesus’ mouth at the last moment -” O God, forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing”
  • It is said in the Bible that Jesus was hung on a cross for 6 hours and when he was hung on a cross, the sky became dark.So on Good Friday, there is no ceremony in the church, only prayer meetings.
  • According to the Bible, Jesus was alive 3 days after his death, the day he was alive was Sunday and that’s why Easter is celebrated all over the world on the Sunday after Good Friday.

Good Friday wishes

Swikriti Dandotia