Is Hair Transplant the Best Option for Me?

There has been a point in everyone’s lives where they’ve looked at their hair and wished for luscious, healthy locks of hair for themselves. In today’s world, an average day in a person’s life holds multiple factors that can lead to the dampening of one’s hair quality. Factors like pollution, stress, diet, lack of exercise and more can leave anyone’s hair damaged and prone to excessive hair fall.

In the world, almost 60% of men and women are known to experience some form of hair loss or balding, owing to many reasons. For some, over the counter medications and restorative therapy could work but for others, hair transplants are an amazing method to restore your hair’s lost glory. 

A hair transplant is a restorative medical treatment to combat hair loss and hair fall problems. Hair follicles are removed from donor areas across your body and later planted on the site of hair loss. In a city in India, famous for advancements of many technologies and research establishments, one can get a hair transplant in Pune with no fear or doubt.

Factors to think about before getting a hair transplant

Age: It is important to consider your age as a factor that impacts your decision. What you consider to be a receding hairline could be something known as a mature hairline, which is not the same thing. A mature hairline is a naturally receding hairline that occurs with everyone as they begin to grow old.

Experts recommend waiting at least till the age of 25 before considering this treatment. It is also always a good idea to wait until you notice any rapid hair loss after the age of 35 to allow your hair doctor to accurately gauge the different restoration techniques that would be most beneficial to you.

Price: Hair transplants are in no sense cheap and require a fairly large investment. You need to consider if getting treatment and also buying other products and treatments for post-transplant care is something you can afford at the moment.

Financial costs depend on the extent of the procedure, availability, and qualifications of surgeons near you, the technique is chosen, and so on. If you cannot afford it yet, consider saving up for the entire cost of the process before getting it done.

Side Effects: Any surgical process comes with the risk of potential side effects. The most common side effect is scarring, infections, scalp pain and itching, inflammation of the follicles, temporary loss of sensation in those areas and potential side effects from the medication like dizziness, chest aches, and so on.

The latter is highly temporary and will go away in a short while but side effects from the procedure can get very intense. This makes it all the more important that you choose a trustworthy and qualified professional to do this procedure for you. This is also why you are advised not to rush into the procedure without in-depth research before-hand.

Recovery: There is no set recovery time for a surgery like this. How long it takes to heal solely depends on the procedure. Procedures like Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE require almost no healing time and is the most popular method for hair transplants.

However, even with such a procedure, the standard healing time is estimated at 7 to 14 days because your hair follicles would be inflamed and there might be some swelling. You might be fine in a few days post-surgery, but to avoid any infection, you should consider taking a week off.

It is also important to note that since these procedures are essentially surgical, an ideal candidate would be someone with an uncompromised immune system. You need to ensure that your health is in a good condition before the surgery since strong immunity helps avoid the risk of complications and infections. It would also greatly help in your recovery time.

Talking to your surgeon beforehand about any medical condition, allergies to medication, or any genetic condition you may have is ideal. A good surgeon would probably ensure to get this information before proceeding with the type of procedure plan to opt for. You will need to have all this information ready before going in for a consultation.

At the end of the day, there is no right time for wanting strong, voluminous hair. But when deciding to get a hair transplant done, ensure that you only visit the best facilities keeping in mind that anything that seems shady but affordable is not worth it. Save up, research, and book a consultation to know more.

Author: Ester Adams