Rizoma Accessories for Yamaha XSR 700 And XSR 900 New Products

In 2016, Yamaha launched the XSR 700 and XSR 900 bikes. These bikes quickly gained traction with enthusiasts. Thus, it was not long before the motorcycle aftermarket parts community started releasing accessories and modifications to replace and enhance the OEM Yamaha parts. Below are a few of the best new products offered by Rizoma for these two bikes.

Safety Products

Rizoma offers a number of safety-enhancing products for both the XSR 700 and XSR 900. Mirrors offer superior rear-facing visibility. Marker lights help you stand out in the night or during heavy weather. Being clearly visible to other drivers is essential when riding a motorcycle.

Other safety accessories include pegs for the rider and passenger. These offer superior riding comfort and safety for both occupants.

Similarly, Rizoma has created new handlebars and grips for both bikes. While these are aesthetic upgrades, they also offer many riders more control compared to the OEM Yamaha parts.

Add Some New Style

Of course, no bike customization is complete without some aesthetic Yamaha modification parts. Rizoma provides brushed and anodized front and rear fenders. For the XSR 700, the rear fender can include an integrated license plate support. Both bikes also have standalone options for license plate supports.

Rizoma has also created new brake and clutch levers, gas tank caps and other aesthetic tweaks. This new range of offerings or the XSR700 and XSR 900 gives riders plenty of options for customizing the look and the riding experience of these Yamaha bikes.

Get Started Modifying Whether you ride a Yamaha or any other bike, there is nothing quite like hitting the road knowing you’ve worked on your own vehicle. Rizoma offers some great accessories and parts. There are many other motorcycle aftermarket parts and OEM parts to choose from how Yamaha and all other major makes. So, jump right in
and start customizing today.