How Diary Writing Helps

My first diary was small it was black with gold paper and a cartoon on the cover. I was young, maybe in my fourth standard. Next to all my collectible stationery, it was the prettiest notebook I received as a gift, and it was all mine. I remember seeing my grandfather, dad and now mom writing, and asking them-What do I write in this?” And she replied, “Write whatever you are feeling.”

I still remember having dozens of diaries in my secret place in my room hiding from all where a lifetime of memories was there in the cupboard I still have the feeling of flipping through a 100 blank pages! Ah…

Perhaps it’s the power one develops through writing about details in their environment, about someone else’s personality, writing about the dialogue of family people and friends, specifically exploring your own and others’ characteristics all will refine the observation and capability in you.

Here, are quick 3 things which helped me in my journey:

know yourself and express better

When doing so it is very common to stay in similar forms on paper, writing out questions about life and then answering them on your own. If you find the truth or no is not the point but important is the process of giving it voice to your own inner self and various thoughts arise in you. This will allow you to have more than one point of view will encourage you to see your own self, even when unsure or expressing emotions that contradict others. Witnessing how writing on paper can truly helps your great philosopher in you.

Develop Emotional Intimacy

Keeping a diary is a process not only of self-expression but also self-reflection. As you read what you have written, If it is a recent or one from months or years ago, it becomes a means of listening to yourself and uncovering the emotional part of who you really are. By developing this with yourself, it opens and gives you clarity and the possibility for greater emotional intimacy with others.

Feel Better and create memories:

A diary is a safe place where we can write our thoughts and emotions that might be too uncomfortable to express in public. Whether it is anger, writing about a romantic crush,  important place to grieve  or having a loss of a loved one, having a safe place to release your thoughts and emotions usually makes you feel better as by letting it out thoughts and feelings that can’t be spoken could otherwise get bottled up inside of you and plus for

Sometimes even the smallest details of events in our past are items we grow to cherish as we get older and we keep memories By keeping a detailed diary you are documenting those moments in your life that are worth writing about.

I am convinced that diary writing people become great observers about life and people, through the process of reflection, and honing self-awareness skills, in the process of writing each entry.

I wish you all happy journaling!

Author:- Neerja Biwalkar