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Online Counseling for Teenagers

Going down memory lane makes you feel nostalgic. Teenage days were indeed the most cherished.

Having gone through that phase, you also know about the challenges in a teenager’s life as they have to cope with multiple things like exams, assignments, peer pressure, and stress.

Receiving friendly guidance empowers a teenager to take a better charge of his or her life. An online counselor can be that friend. Online counselling uses a virtual platform for advising your tech-savvy teenager.

An individual faces multiple dilemmas during their tender years, so below are a few signs to watch for in your teen child:

•          Being reclusive and not wanting to socialise.

•          Overeating, skipping meals or indulging in excessive junk or sweets.

•          Erratic mood swings.

•          Causing self-injury.

•          Drastic decrease in grades.

•          Frequent interaction with those suspected to have illegal doings.

•          Loss of sleep or excessive sleep.

Counseling a child may not be easy, so asking for help from professionals can be beneficial. Online counseling can help a teenager accept the current situation and take full charge. You may expect it to help your teen as under:

Understanding the Real Issue

A teen experiences difficult times owing to different reasons. These could be fear of failure, separated parents, being bullied, or household stress. Some teenagers also feel overwhelmed with multiple tests and assignments.

At times, making a career choice also gives them anxiety. A professional can gauge the real issue and guide your child to accept reality and combat adversities confidently.

An Open Talk

Teenagers fear opening up in front of their parents. They find it difficult to comprehend how it can be perceived. It is hence necessary to introduce your child to a counsellor.

The therapist maintains confidentiality and makes the teen feel comfortable to share. Moreover, interacting with a third person doesn’t make your child feel judged. Being able to talk openly about the issues enables them to find solutions.

Reducing Anxiety

Some adolescents get anxious over school events, exams, tests, assignments, meeting new classmates, and making new friends. An increased frequency of anxiety may lead to panic attacks and cause disruptions in a clear thought process.

Making small decisions and concentrating on studies becomes hard. A counsellor monitors your child’s response and gives insights for dealing with the circumstances better.

Boosting Self Confidence

Past failure or mocking can hamper the confidence of a young mind. Teenagers today are incredibly active on various social media platforms. They become serious when it comes to the number of likes and dislikes.

Every view and comment received is checked diligently. Online trolling can bring down the morale of your kid. An expert makes your child realise the importance of living and thriving amid these pressures. With professional guidance, the child learns to take ownership with ease.

Healthy Emotions

An emotionally dependent teen usually finds comfort in being around parents or friends. The child is in search of external validation. They may be subject to frequent emotional outbursts.

A professional demonstrates the importance of not getting influenced by emotions. Your teen can view things from a different perspective.

Fighting Substance Abuse

Statistics show how an alarming percent of teenagers are exposed to substance abuse. Heroin, pharmaceutical opioids, and opium were the commonly used drugs in India in 2019, and it was found that adolescents predominantly used sedatives and inhalants when compared to adults.

A significant portion of drug users confessed to sharing the needles. Smoking, drinking, and drugs have hazardous effects. A counsellor can help dive deep and figure out the reason for substance abuse. They can also successfully make the child give up the addiction for a better and healthy life.

Helpful Techniques and Tips

An expert provides useful techniques for your child. Indulging into art is a therapy in itself. Encouraging a child to do yoga or meditation helps him or her to be more mindful. Further, penning down thoughts reduces the clutter in mind. It can be used as a tool to be more organized and focused.

A counsellor also shares tips with you as a parent or guardian. Skilfully asking a few questions gives a fair idea of what the child may be going through. Avoiding too many questions at a time is advisable. Observing the child’s pattern speaks a lot. Allowing a child to speak out thoughts can give him or her comfort.

You can expect your child to be more confident and self-reliant through online counseling. It aids your teen to accept and take full charge of a situation.

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